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It is from this principle that Illinois courts, as well as a host of other jurisdictions, identify tenants in the absence of specific language to the contrary, as coinsureds under the landlord's policy of insurance.
Ultimately, however, the court implicitly extended the decision in Livingston to apply to cases where the person who suffered the injury is a decedent co-insured, and rejected a strong argument to deviate from Livingston and its ilk (142) as the decedent was a coinsured and the statute seems to suggest recovery under these circumstances.
The Sutton approach has since been embraced by a number of jurisdictions, with other courts sometimes expressing a different rationale for the implied coinsured decision.
Despite the success of these defenses in courtrooms, neither the course-of-employment nor coinsured exception seems to apply in employment claims.
Typically, policies issued to ODECO were coinsured with an unrelated entity that would write 5 percent to 20 percent of the plaintiffs risk.
As argued in John and Senbet [16], the investment project, which is the subject of our analysis here, can be coinsured by the assets of the acquirer, and hence diminish the negative consequences to the host society.
Security National Life coinsured approximately 103,000 policies through this co-insurance agreement, with an approximate $40,000,000 of reinsured reserves.
In many states the courts have ruled that the innocent coinsured, even if he or she is totally a victim and had no prior knowledge of, or participation in the arson, cannot recover under the policy because both spouses are "insureds.
The Iowa Supreme Court's Decision to Compensate the Innocent Coinsured Spouse in Sager v.
The larger deals are almost always coinsured with more than one player," said Lowenstein, who said Sovereign Risk offers a limit per risk of $125 million for up to 15 years.
That preliminary estimate is then adjusted depending on additional plan features such as deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and donut holes (gaps in coverage above the deductible and coinsured areas and below the out-of-pocket maximum).
The coinsured portion can be written in Western currency with premium for that portion collected and paid directly to the co-insuring company.
The acquisition of EquiTrust Life includes all of the independent channel business developed since 2003, as well as a closed block of coinsured business.
4th 564 (2011), the court phrased the question as follows: "May an insurer enforce an exclusion clause in a fire insurance policy that denies coverage to innocent insureds for damages from a fire intentionally caused by a coinsured, or does such a clause impermissibly reduce coverage that is statutorily mandated?
Security National Life coinsured approximately 15,000 policies through the reinsurance agreement with North America.