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The Sutton approach has since been embraced by a number of jurisdictions, with other courts sometimes expressing a different rationale for the implied coinsured decision.
Despite the success of these defenses in courtrooms, neither the course-of-employment nor coinsured exception seems to apply in employment claims.
Security National has a reputation in the industry of providing excellent customer service, and we believe the policyholders coinsured under this transaction will find that to be the case," Quist said.
Approximately 70% of the policies being coinsured are from Washington National Insurance Company and the remainder are from Conseco Insurance Company.
That preliminary estimate is then adjusted depending on additional plan features such as deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and donut holes (gaps in coverage above the deductible and coinsured areas and below the out-of-pocket maximum).
The coinsured portion can be written in Western currency with premium for that portion collected and paid directly to the co-insuring company.
The acquisition of EquiTrust Life includes all of the independent channel business developed since 2003, as well as a closed block of coinsured business.
In the first quarter of 2009, the block being coinsured generated GAAP after-tax earnings before overhead of approximately $2.
Security National Life coinsured approximately 15,000 policies through the reinsurance agreement with North America.
a reduction in earnings of approximately $9 million in the second quarter of 2008 related to a block of annuity business that was coinsured in October 2007;
As part of this transaction, substantially all of the life/health business of Liberty Life will be coinsured to Protective Life Insurance Company, and a portion of Liberty Life's annuities will be coinsured to Athene Life Re, a Bermuda domiciled operating company of Athene Holding.
announced that it has completed the previously announced transaction under which three insurance companies in its Conseco Insurance Group unit coinsured, with an effective date of Jan.
The acquired block of business is comprised of term insurance policies issued between January, 1, 2000 and December 31, 2003 and originally coinsured by 37 direct writing U.
Approximately 90% of the policies being coinsured are from Conseco Insurance Company; the remainder are from Conseco Life Insurance Company and Washington National Insurance Company.
offers reinsurance capacity for individual life reinsurance and in force portfolios on a yearly renewable term or coinsured basis, as well as individual reinsurance capacity on a facultative underwriting basis.