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Thou bad false coiner, how couldst thou do otherwise
You were first a coiner and then a murderer, and you came to these parts because you thought you'd be welcome.
He founded the notorious counterfeit gang, The Cragg Vale Coiners, until he was hanged at Tyburn, near York, in 1774.
2km Coiners fell race from Mytholmroyd and finished second in the Over 70s in 88.
The Americans, always great coiners of new words, have given us 'prequel' by analogy with sequel.
The most richly evocative of all the city's nicknames, it was, like Yankee Doodle, originally intended by its English coiners as an insult.
Then there was the threat to the monetary system itself, caused by a whole army of clippers and coiners.
Do the coiners of this odd title imply a limitation to the non-reproductive etching?
The thatched roofed buildings will be inhabited for a week, from this Sunday, by a re-enactment group of potters, shoemakers, coiners, fletchers/ bowiers, carpenters, blacksmiths, rope makers, basket weavers and rat catchers.
The fact that Watergate was perpetrated by a Republican president did not curb the enthusiasm of the Republican "--gate" coiners.
President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to emulate the beautiful high relief of the ancient Greek coiners by bringing in the world renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and he achieved just that.
Oakes Baptist Church, Baker Street: Calderdale Coiners by John Daniels tomorrow at 10.
If I wanted to drink with all coiners, then I'd go to a public house," he said, "but I am more selective than that.
Rupp noted that Streamedia is beginning to influence the lexicon of the industry itself, "inasmuch as we are the coiners of the terms, 'sBusiness' and 'sCommerce' solutions.
THE latest excursion on the Holmfirth Harriers' Fell Championships was the short hop across to Mytholmroyd for the Coiners races, organised by Calder Valley Fell Runners.