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Synonyms for coiner

someone who is a source of new words or new expressions

a skilled worker who coins or stamps money

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These were coiners of money, and they made some very good offers to me, as to profit; but the part they would have had me have embarked in was the most dangerous part.
Only the other day I read in the /Moscow News/ that a whole gang of false coiners had been caught in Moscow.
Coiner, PLS, HDS vice president and divisional manager for Leica Geosystems.
Tennis tournament: The sixth annual Laura Meadow Memorial Mixed Doubles Tennis Tourney will be held July 26 at the Cottage Grove Coiner Park tennis courts.
And so, on March 22 1699, the Warwickshire coiner met his fate on the Tyburn Tree.
Based on extensive interviews with right-wing leaders and activists, Blumenthal's book succeeds at being more than a lurid accounting of sexual escapades and immoral behavior, clearly showing how "the personal is political" in a way that the coiner of that phrase probably never intended.
However, something can be imaginary and yet its coiner can have something real in mind while doing the coining, and this does seem to be Burgess's way with allusions to classical music.
And then the last gripe (I promise) for this month's edition of Technobabble surrounds acronyms where the coiner arbitrarily decides some of the letters will be lowercase and some will be uppercase.
Jim Coiner of Coiner Nursery in La Verne developed the celebratory roses: one a 4 1/2-inch hybrid tea with ruffled pink-blend blooms and the other a compact floribunda with deep lavender blooms.
Mr Palmer's script and screen credits include The Many Lives of Albert Walker (BBC1), The King's Coiner (Radio 4) and Rebus (ITV).
The coiner is Thomas Lee, a science professor for 35 years at St.
Coiner also stated that the Partnership intends to spend approximately $8 million during 2005 to make modifications and improvements to the acquired assets and to integrate them into Plains All American's existing asset base.
chief architect of the act and coiner of the term "health maintenance organization," recalled in a historical perspective of Kaiser Permanente's beginnings how he immediately hoarded a plane to Kaiser's Oakland headquarters when the U.
Molly Ivins was the first person I heard use "astroturf" to refer to the generation of a phony grassroots movement, but someone else may have been the true coiner of the term.
Coiner, a psychiatrist and director of the Yale University Coiner School Development Program, New Haven.