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Synonyms for coiner

someone who is a source of new words or new expressions

a skilled worker who coins or stamps money

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For his independent project he has collected early maps and photographs of the area, prior to its designation as Camp Coiner, that show dramatic changes to Yongsan's landscape.
On the one hand, its role follows from the above-mentioned principle of Creativity within Productivity Constraints that suggests that even if the process of word-formation is significantly creative in the sense that coiners of new complex words can usually choose from several word-formation options (strategies) these options do not cross the boundaries of productive rules of word-formation.
Then there was the threat to the monetary system itself, caused by a whole army of clippers and coiners.
In Chapter " Liberman presents coinages whose actual coiner is known, with an interesting discussion of lilliputian at its core, but reminds us that even recent coinages may be obscure in this respect.
Is anyone ( even the phrase coiner Catherine Tate ( really bovvered?
And then the last gripe (I promise) for this month's edition of Technobabble surrounds acronyms where the coiner arbitrarily decides some of the letters will be lowercase and some will be uppercase.
Jim Coiner of Coiner Nursery in La Verne developed the celebratory roses: one a 4 1/2-inch hybrid tea with ruffled pink-blend blooms and the other a compact floribunda with deep lavender blooms.
O lo que es lo mismo: quieren repicar en el campanario y andar en la procesion al mismo tiempo; o mas simple: chiflar y coiner pinole.
The coiner is Thomas Lee, a science professor for 35 years at St.
Coiner also stated that the Partnership intends to spend approximately $8 million during 2005 to make modifications and improvements to the acquired assets and to integrate them into Plains All American's existing asset base.
chief architect of the act and coiner of the term "health maintenance organization," recalled in a historical perspective of Kaiser Permanente's beginnings how he immediately hoarded a plane to Kaiser's Oakland headquarters when the U.
Stojanovic is an enthusiastic coiner of new words, and some of them are quite useful.
Molly Ivins was the first person I heard use "astroturf" to refer to the generation of a phony grassroots movement, but someone else may have been the true coiner of the term.
Coiner, a psychiatrist and director of the Yale University Coiner School Development Program, New Haven.
For all you readers who have loved his Top Left Coiner column for more than a decade, this is your chance to see Schuyler live and in person.