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The source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: " 5 tank bombs, driven by suicide bombers, exploded at checkpoints of forces security west of Samarra, in coinciding with the fall of a number of mortar shells on the city of Samarra in an attempt to storm it by elements of Daash.
The ambush was carried out in Neid al-Barid area in Manbah district coinciding with many.
The moon reached its perigee, or closest point, on Saturday, coinciding with the Harvest Moon, the first full moon after the vernal equinox which comes on or around September 22.
The best-known example is the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715), a solar event that is coinciding with one of the coldest phases of the Little Ice Age.
This celebration of all things Gallic in a city where two years ago Congress banned the phrase "French fries" from its cafeteria menus might raise a few eyebrows--especially as it's coinciding with a sudden White House rush toward rapprochement with France, in part to solidify support for U.
Less obviously inscribed into the guiding theme of the eighth Havana biennial were several strong, young Cuban artists who are poised to achieve the international exposure of artists such as Kcho, Carlos Garaicoa, Tania Bruguera, and Los Carpinteros, each of whom had major exhibitions in Havana coinciding with the biennial.
First, the NYT sees it as coinciding with the relaxation of priestly discipline which began in the early 1960's, supported--so it was claimed--by the new spirit of Vatican II: get off your pedestal; wear sports clothes; be one with the laity; leave your collar at home.
Sunday at racetracks across the country, coinciding with the weekend of the Fountain of Youth Stakes in Florida and the Risen Star Stakes in Louisiana.
Memory of Kansai Air Terminal (AR November 1994), coinciding with concern for security and comfort, influenced design of the shed roofs.
July and August plant shutdowns coinciding with vacations are a normal course of business for us.
shareholder, whose CFC's required tax year-end must either coincide with or begin no earlier than one month before the majority shareholder's tax year, can benefit from this deferral technique, by basing its fourth installment payment on annualized nine-month or 11-month income in the case of coinciding year-ends or annualized nine-month income in situations with a one month "lag.
Some astronomers think this timing occurs because of interactions between various phenomena, such as the coinciding of hotspots or other rotating features of the sun.
Coinciding with the family-owned company's 125-year anniversary, Bertazzoni is launching its sophisticated line of European cooking products throughout the United States and Canada.
This comes coinciding with the celebration organized by the GCC Secretariat.
Coinciding with this approval, ANS has launched an upgraded version of its rechargeable spinal cord stimulation device, the Eon([R]) with NeuroDynamix technology.