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  • verb

Synonyms for coincide

occur simultaneously


Synonyms for coincide

to occur at the same time

to come to an understanding or to terms

Synonyms for coincide

go with, fall together

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I'm very pleased to partner with Coincide Publishing to help optimize consumer awareness of The Hamptons Diet and its unique wellness platform," said Dr.
The claims coincide with other recent reports that two al-Qaida terrorists are planning an attack inside the US using radioactive material in a conventional bomb.
The move coincides with the arrival of Tropicana and St Ivel into the 11.
The transition between the two periods doesn't coincide with a notable shift in cultural behavior, contends Geoffrey A.
On the other hand, it coincides with what is known in the personal property industry as the "Summer Surge.
When it certifies that the proposed shipment coincides with the foreign policy interests of the U.
Sensing that the administrator was overly involved with the program and that his self-identity was too connected to success, Bennett decided that his "big picture" did not coincide with the personality of the administrator, and he {Bennett} refused to compromise his philosophy.
The coincide index gauges the current economic condition, while the leading index indicates economic performance about three to six months ahead.
Ranson said: "We are just a tenant at the Ricoh at the moment but we have organised a 125th anniversary bash on the Friday and tried to coincide the game with that, which then freed up a Saturday and allows Daniel Gidney and ACL to put on a sporting event on a Saturday, from which the club would benefit from revenue, so it is part of that ongoing dialogue with ACL and our relationship.
National Alliance fliers designed to coincide with the event were circulated in numerous communities along the Arizona border.
To coincide with the effective date of the underlying check-processing changes, the amendments became effective April 16, 2005, and April 23, 2005, respectively.
A new support group for female police workers will be launched tomorrow to coincide with International Women's Day.
An exhibition of them, each blown up to a metre wide, will be held in September to coincide with its opening.
such as the Black Madonna in Harlem often coincide with the celebration of the Vodou spirits.
The launch of the magazine, on November 1, has been timed to coincide with the pre-Christmas rush, which the publisher says is the busiest period for sales.