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a collection of coins

the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

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The London Borough of Hackney is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced provider to deliver a combined maintenance, cleaning and coin collection service for 5 of its streetside public conveniences.
A tiny uninhabited Hebridean island has had its own currency accepted as part of the national coin collection - and also given to the Queen.
My extensive collection of the former is apparently now worth less than half what I paid for it 20 or more years ago, while the best thing I could do with most of my cherished coin collection is prise open the presentation cases, take the coins down to the shops and spend them.
I even quit collecting coins and sold all of my coin collection.
Many people start a coin collection for their children, or grandchildren, as an investment for them.
99 Spend half an hour with Wild Blood and you'll be struggling to pin it as an absorbing action adventure or a simple hack and slash that mixes mindless violence with key and coin collection.
A, the Civil War 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Collection Booklet is available now on eParks.
A collector in Oregon was reunited with most of his coin collection after thieves deposited them in a supermarket coin counting machine.
A school spokesman said: "Our children were clearly moved by this and enthusiastically entered into the coin collection.
The 14 talks delivered during the February 2011 conference chronicle the creation of the department of coins and medals at the British Museum in 1861, the growth of the museum's coin collection and catalogue, and the impact of museum projects on the international scholarly community and the public.
COIN PRINTERS To fill in the blanks in her coin collection book, Ana makes rubbings of other coins.
On Tuesday, the New York Daily news worked in collaboration with the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, which made a bogus placard from the fictional "New York State Numismatic Agency" - aka the agency of coin collection.
The bank will also install KHCF's coin collection boxes in all branches, allowing customers to donate for the benefit of the Foundation.
Realising that the kid was from the UK and had a coin collection, Akki promised the boy a silver coin with a Ganpati on it, unlike the usual coins he must have had in his collection.
Silins' prized coin collection included 28 rare Seige Notes from 1884 signed by British General Charles Gordon, made famous in the 1966 Hollywood movie Khartoum starring Charlton Heston as Gordon.