coin collecting

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the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

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He also urged all lovers of the hobby to visit the exhibition, which will also organize two seminars on the significance of stamp and coin collecting.
Lion Ken Kennedy says, "Bob has been collecting stamps for years and belongs to a number of stamp and coin collecting clubs.
Larry Baker found himself more and more interested in coin collecting throughout his childhood especially in his Boy Scout days.
Offering the coolest combination between the old Spy Hunter titles and arcade racers that took linear-ish liberties with the level progression, you'll be shaking off the police in a series of rubber-burning car chases, where coin collecting and well-placed power-ups add an extra dimension of traditional arcade gameplay to proceedings.
A gem of American coin collecting, this particular penny is extremely rare because of its mint mark (the S stands for "San Francisco," where only a limited number of pennies were made) and the initials of the coin's designer (sculptor Victor David Brenner), which appeared on relatively few pennies minted that year.
Although it's usually considered as a specialist branch of numismatics, or coin collecting, banknote collecting also has quite a lot in common with stamp collecting, in that there is a vast number and variety of world banknotes to choose from, just as there is stamps.
Our primary goal is to meet the demands of commerce, but coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world--something that people have been doing for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Bulgaria, a south-eastern European country that is probably off the radar of a lot of Kiwis, has shown a strong demand of New Zealand-made coins according to Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva, the head of gold and coin collecting at the First Investment Bank of Bulgaria.
Coin collecting can be overly methodical, but I like its time-traveling quality.
In coin collecting, that's called a grade: how robust is the strike by the U.
Because it is thought the rare coins will be of interest to collectors, a specialist coin collecting company, the London Mint Office, is offering pounds 50 for the coins.
Stuppler, a resident of Woodland Hills, said history buffs may also find numismatics, or coin collecting, interesting.
Collecting paper money reached the popularity of coin collecting in the end of the 1970s.
Coin collecting - or numismatics - is big business.
The story, and I use the term loosely, is the same old 'save Princess Peach from Bowser et al' line, meaning Mario's off again, bouncing through level after level, stomping and coin collecting on his merry way.