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a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home

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A statement released by the committee said that Ahmad gave his coin bank to the committee officials as a donation to Gazan children who have been under near-constant Israeli bombardment for the past 27 days.
05 per cent gross interest a year and they offer a coin bank, kit bag and wallet when an account is opened.
The range includes a Digimon Agumon coin bank filled with chocolate eggs (rsp 3.
Among the pieces offered in addition to dinnerware are bathroom accessories, a wall clock, coin bank, ceramic and wood picture frames, a mirror and a wooden tray.
Mine include my grandmother's gift, a small, battered tin coin bank fashioned of a Folger's Coffee can with a lithographed label showing a tall, black-hulled clipper ship, and her bloody tale retold for four centuries among descendants of my ancestor, the executioner who raised high ax in 1587 and swung it down on the thin, pale neck of Mary, Queen of Scots.
collectible, the coin bank depicts Bearista in a car with all
50 from their coin bank to the benefit brunch held at the Philippine Consulate-General in Al Ghusais on Friday.
The coin bank is traveling with the Eckrich show car to encourage fans to donate spare change to help military families.
The partnering organizations also unveiled a specially designed coin bank, made out of a real racing tire, on June 29 at Kentucky Speedway to encourage fans to donate spare change for the campaign.
Everyone participating in the December 31 blood drives will receive a Commerce 2000 T-shirt and "C" coin bank.
Choosing the right one can be dreadful -- from a great variety of soft and cuddly plush birds to a vast army of seriously cool Angry Birds plush handbags, or even a 3D Angry Birds coin bank for the money found under the sofa cushions.
I want my kids to learn basic money managing skills," said Carolyn Grossi, a business owner and the creator of The Princess Money Manager (TM) coin bank (http://www.
The Baghdad Bob collection includes Mini Minister, a mini bobblehead of the legendary Iraqi Information Minister; The Baghdad Bob Collectible Coin Bank, sporting an "IN BOB WE TRUST" banner; a no-sound Baghdad Bob Bobble doll; and a Mini Woblee in which the Minister never falls down
NEW YORK -- Since beginning to count America's change in 1991, Coinstar has processed more than 325,000 tons of coins for more than 125 million customers-each of whom kept their accumulated wealth in their own unique coin bank or jar.
The lawsuit against TeleBrands arises out of recent television advertising promoting TeleBrands' EASY MONEY coin bank, which is also being offered for sale to various retail outlets and distributors.