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a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home

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A statement released by the committee said that Ahmad gave his coin bank to the committee officials as a donation to Gazan children who have been under near-constant Israeli bombardment for the past 27 days.
05 per cent gross interest a year and they offer a coin bank, kit bag and wallet when an account is opened.
The range includes a Digimon Agumon coin bank filled with chocolate eggs (rsp 3.
Among the pieces offered in addition to dinnerware are bathroom accessories, a wall clock, coin bank, ceramic and wood picture frames, a mirror and a wooden tray.
Mine include my grandmother's gift, a small, battered tin coin bank fashioned of a Folger's Coffee can with a lithographed label showing a tall, black-hulled clipper ship, and her bloody tale retold for four centuries among descendants of my ancestor, the executioner who raised high ax in 1587 and swung it down on the thin, pale neck of Mary, Queen of Scots.
collectible, the coin bank depicts Bearista in a car with all
Wells Fargo is also offering a limited edition Ram Coin Bank when customers open a new eligible consumer checking account at participating store locations from February 2 to March 6, 2015.
50 from their coin bank to the benefit brunch held at the Philippine Consulate-General in Al Ghusais on Friday.
Using special Green Screen technology, you can now customize your very own Hershey's Chocolate Bar or Hershey's Syrup Coin Bank.
Everyone participating in the December 31 blood drives will receive a Commerce 2000 T-shirt and "C" coin bank.
The victim's sister said four cell phones and a blue plastic Teddy bear coin bank containing P15,000 were missing from the room.
BSPsaid the advanced issuance of the coin was to alleviate the artificial shortage of coins caused by keeping them in coin banks which prevent circulation and to address the greater demand for coins during Christmas season.
The program also encourages the public to save whether in bottle cans and coin banks and be aware of its advocacy, thus, taking part in the coin recirculation activity, he added.
The variety of these artistic pots includes goblets, Picky banks or coin banks, pots for fetching water and vases etc.
Some donate it through the coin banks, distributed and placed in malls and supermarkets, among others, by non-government organizations (NGOs) asking for donations for people needing help while others totally ignore these.