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in the shape of a coil

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As well as Low Ovality Coiling Technology, machine features include; integrated coil unload arm, powered guide to restrain pipe end and automatic pipe layering system.
Pipe Coil Technology (PCT), based in Newcastle, UK, has continued to develop and refine its fully automated off-line coiling technology.
Speight and Toki (2004;10) report that the tendency of a pot to collapse might have made early pottery makers to devise "the coiling method in which the potter built-up the wall by adding rolls of clay one at a time, usually waiting for the lower ones to stiffen".
Finished coil diameter is the principal factor that limits the pipe diameter for coiling to product availability.
COILING is a relatively new technique, developed to avoid cutting into a patient's skull.
The addition of this technology complements our family of endovascular coiling products and provides the physicians the opportunity for a more thorough treatment in the endovascular occlusion of aneurysms," said Mike Kleine, president and CEO of MicroVention.
In the last 15 years, however, coiling with BPCs resulted in higher short-term risks and lower long-term durability for large or giant aneurysms with wide necks and those with intraluminal thrombi.
Clipping and coiling "each have strengths and weaknesses that can be used to decide what is best for each patient," he says.
It is estimated that endovascular coiling is now used in more than 50 percent of patients treated for brain aneurysms.
A new drum coiling and curing system for PEX pipe is said to reduce labor cost dramatically and raise production rate.
Continue coiling braid to make 4- to 5-inch-high sides, but now stack coils flat.