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curled or wound (especially in concentric rings or spirals)

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Mapcas were coiled under GA for patients below 12 years of age and LA for patients above 12 yrs of age.
With the addition of Xtremes coiled tubing assets, we continue our pursuit of advancing overall drilling and well intervention efficiency through technology integration to help our customers improve production at a lower cost per barrel, said Sherif Foda, president, Production Group, Schlumberger.
Pots can be coiled, after a little practice, to a size which would take many years to learn how to throw" (Fournier, p 70).
The Low Ovality Technology allows pipe to have zero or negligible ovality and be coiled at internal diameters as low as only 12 times the pipe diameter (16 to 20 times is currently the norm).
For rapid and economical installation it is difficult to beat coiled plastic pipe.
Complete line of heaters includes mica bands and strips, mineral insulated bands, ceramic bands and strips, extruded aluminum bands and strips, coiled heaters, and flexible and cartridge heaters.
In Tantrism, it is the link between earth and universe: Cosmic energy resides in the human body at the base of the spine, like a coiled and sleeping serpent, and unwinds toward the crown of the head on awakening (a result of meditation).
Initially, Berger and her colleagues focused their research on computational methods for identifying, strands within protein sequences that would form coiled coils.
Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) investigations, under the sponsorship of Gas Research Institute (GRI), showed that Large Diameter Coiled Polyethylene (LDCPE) pipe offers significant benefits to gas utilities.
When the redesigned strands encounter benzene, they re-form as triple helical coiled coils, the scientists explain in the June Nature Structural Biology.
Instead of coiling pipe at the extruder, which requires one operator per extruder, pipe is coiled inside a 12-ft-diam.
Forty years ago, a young British physical chemist predicted a structure for an important class of proteins called coiled coils - including keratin, the basic structural ingredient of skin and hair - based on X-ray diffraction data and some fiddling he did with a broomstick and modeling clay.