coil spring

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a spring in the shape of a coil

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Of the eight dogs that were enrolled in this study, two had NT coil spring fracture and were excluded before the study completion.
The spring was activated by means of tipback bend in the segment that is inserted into the second molar tube and a NiTi open coil spring is placed between 36 and 37 in the distal arm of the spring (Figure 4 and 5).
On its own, the Bal Spring[R] canted coil spring offers orthopedic device OEMs the ability to latch, lock and hold parts together with forces that are precisely controllable and repeatable.
Mainsprings can be leaf springs or more commonly, coil springs.
We now use a coil spring to hold the media in place--versus the old leaf spring currently used in the less expensive Tempest filters.
The Swift DZire offers a perfect suspensions - the front integrating a MacPherson strut with coil spring and the rear featuring a torsion beam with coil spring - provide higher mounting rigidity and confident stability, said a senior official.
The single coil spring is described as an inexpensive and simple, yet highly effective, maintenance solution.
com)-- Strut Pro, provider of spring conversion kits, shocks and struts is now offering quality coil spring suspension kits for sale.
I have been informed that my front coil spring is broken, which will cost pounds 300 to fix.
To enable the thrust to be a straight up-and-down mechanism, Tokaibane have developed a coil spring that doesn't misalign, meaning a more accurate movement and fewer anomalies.
I was quite surprised when told the car required a new rear coil spring.
Thinking I had run over a large stone, or something similar, after parking I checked for any damage and was surprised to find that the front coil spring of my suspension had broken.
The patented canted coil spring design enables near-constant contact force over a wide range of working deflection and allows wide tolerances between mating parts.
The new assembly design combines Elastollan TPU and Cellasto MCU to create an integrated coil spring isolator and jounce bumper system unlike others in the industry, BASF says.
The Model 5000 Axis automatic folding knife from Benchmade features a new safety system that locks open and closed, even if the coil spring should fail.