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a spring in the shape of a coil

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The Bal Spring[TM] canted coil spring: A Stand-Alone Solution On its own, the Bal Spring[TM] canted coil spring offers orthopedic device OEMs the ability to latch, lock and hold parts together with forces that are precisely controllable and repeatable.
However, one unit equals one coil spring for the purposes of this analysis.
The coil spring suspension kits offered by Strut Pro are providing car owners with the highest quality of conversion kits for their suspension.
Less obviously, the trampoline, which gets its bounce from coil springs and not the sheet of material stretched across it, has also proved a vital instrument during war.
Thinking I had run over a large stone, or something similar, after parking I checked for any damage and was surprised to find that the front coil spring of my suspension had broken.
The new assembly design combines Elastollan TPU and Cellasto MCU to create an integrated coil spring isolator and jounce bumper system unlike others in the industry, BASF says.
The Model 5000 Axis automatic folding knife from Benchmade features a new safety system that locks open and closed, even if the coil spring should fail.
42-inch) blade machined from 154CM hardened to 58-60 HRC, as well as Benchmade's patented Axis Lock system plus a coil spring that is activated when the locking bar is pulled and a safety that moves behind the locking bar, thus preventing the bar from releasing the blade at any time.
A disk v alve and coil spring combination are used in place of conventional reed valves for the discharge valve system, which reduces over-compression loss owing to its larger flow area and provides axial single-direction refrigerant flow.
NHTSA and Ford have collected 199 complaints of a front suspension coil spring suddenly breaking, collapsing the front suspension.
Complimenting the face design is a non clogging crest-to-crest wave spring, which is used instead of an easily clogged helical coil spring, to ensure constant face loading, improved resistance and easier assembly.
But Tenneco Automotive now uses bar code labels on each coil spring and strut to sort parts for a modular strut assembly used in a new minivan.
International offers a do-it-yourself solution that enhances the level-load-carrying ability of the Ram 2500's newly redesigned rear coil spring suspension.
Its suspensions -- the front integrating a MacPherson strut with coil spring and the rear featuring a torsion beam with coil spring -- provide higher mounting rigidity and confident stability.
Other batches of the monitors are not affected as they were supplied with battery contacts made from a more resilient material or with coil spring contacts, the MHRA said.