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She's been with Sid as a hairdresser for the past 16 years, and will be moving over to Cabanne Coiffures in Northridge with two of Sid's other hairdressers.
Jordan was selected as worst celebrity because of her history of extravagant coiffures, bizarre colours and extensions.
More than 83 per cent used styling products like hair gel and waxes daily to maintain their cool coiffures.
Plastic cups reappear in Tangent, glimpsed along with Gerberman through the gaps in a cadenced wall of female breasts, buttocks, and coiffures.
The England captain's weird and wonderful hairdos have spawned a whole host of outrageous coiffures at this tournament.
With their elegant clothes and gray coiffures, the women who gathered in the quiet, tree-lined grounds of University College Dublin in Ireland.
Although we are drawn to the elaborately parted and braided coiffures, Ojeikere's mission goes beyond a study in aesthetics.
Here, though, the coiffures are not artful, as they are in the drawings, but rather undisciplined.
Soon after that she opened her own salon, called Misty Coiffures.
Over at Unique Coiffures in Reseda, where Connie has been having her hair done by hairdresser Anita Krueger for more than 15 years, the little girl with the sick doll is a popular patron.
Ten years ago he gave women Sta-Prest lips and "pressed" coiffures.
Longtime residents recall such landmarks as Jheri's Coiffures (now the Marmalade Cafe), the Studio City Theater (Bookstar) and the La Reina Theater (the Gap).
My mother, Irene Brezina, worked for several people, including shampoo guru Jheri Redding, who whipped up frothy fruit-flavored shampoo concoctions in the back room at Jheri's Coiffures (now the Marmalade Cafe) in the days before they were known as Redken and Nexus products.
Captivating color returned to the evening scene as did chic coiffures, arresting accessories and an overall aura of go-for-broke glamour.
The series also contains a copper etching of the smooching newlyweds, their matching coiffures merging into a single, blissful profile.