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a man hairdresser

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The marginal projects, which are named in the list of rejected projects, include groceries, cleaning, hair dressing, beauty and coiffeur saloons, for they do not have an added value.
Someone also has to pay for the wedding dress and the bride's trip to the coiffeur on her wedding day.
Yet I was eager for another taste of traditional culture and found it tucked away down a side street at Tomas Coiffeur, a barber's shop recommended at the cafe where we'd stopped off.
The hero is Turkish heartthrob CE-neyt Arkin, whose coiffeur -- theatrically grey at the temples and lacquered in place, even during the most energetic punch-ups -- is reminiscent of "Streets of San Francisco"-era Michael Douglas.
She'll stand there and tell me how to do it," celebrity coiffeur Leo Bancroft, who is chief snipper for the couple, told the Daily Star.
The agreement has been drawn up between UNI Europa Hair and Beauty, a union of European hairdressers, and EU Coiffeur, a group of European salon owners, who are both "social partners" of the European Commission.
So a trip to Argos and a pair of clippers were purchased - and the good lady wife is now my official coiffeur.
The coiffeur was alongside me on the flight over to the island and looked a right old mess when he landed.
The coiffeur must enjoy her job as she brings out the beauty of every individual.
The judge claimed the coiffeur had stormed into his office sans permission and insulted him without reason or rhyme.
Danny is a classic Newfoundland motor-mouth with a quick wit and a spectacularly controlled coiffeur," Pitts observes.
Thankfully, the Swede ceased painting his hair upon securing a modeling contract, leaving Young Wesley no reason to regret his role as makeshift coiffeur.
164 Coiffeur winner at 3 in Italy, under 2nd dam Tam Lin 2nd Poker Handicap-Gr3, Wendylina dam of Sri Putra winner Solario Stakes-Gr3
A1/2-On a enfin repris un peu de dignitE[umlaut], aprE s des annE[umlaut]es de dE[umlaut]faites et d'humiliation-e, continue ce coiffeur.
Even if people do not cross borders to go to the hairdresser, the odds are that even your coiffeur uses imported products and is faced with competition from international chains of salons.