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Synonyms for coif

a skullcap worn by nuns under a veil or by soldiers under a hood of mail or formerly by British sergeants-at-law

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cover with a coif

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arrange attractively

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With his immaculate manners, coiffed silver hair, and perpetually elegant dress style--fine Italian shirts and ties, cufflinks, dress shoes--he could easily pass for one of the European diplomats who regularly stop by.
The coiffed one again; and her husband's still in the locker room talking about how in the old days public swimming was done at the YMCA on Metcalfe Street.
Seeing through the rhetoric, an article in the October 7, 1996, Nation by Joe Conason, Alfred Ross, and Lee Cokorinos of the Center for Democracy Studies, argues that Pk's deliberate choice of the "warm and fuzzy" word reconciliation instead of equality exemplifies the 'regressive racial politics that underlie Promise Keepers' carefully coiffed image" and avoids "the demand for jobs, community, self-determination, freedom from police and criminal violence, and access to housing and educational opportunity.
Hair alone came in many guises: coiled colored wire ringlets; yarn, braided, fluffed and coiffed.
Perfectly coiffed, tousled, slicked and quiffed, the pair are an A&R man's dream - a fully formed teenage fantasy wrapped up in leather and plaid.
TRAVELLING home from town recently, and sitting opposite me was a very elderly, elegantly dressed lady, silver hair nicely coiffed, surrounded by shopping bags.
Meanwhile Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw will provide the young'un element in his snappy suit and with his perfectly coiffed quiff.
This week my hairdresser Daniel Galvin Junior's salon was packed with women having their hair coiffed to Cheryl Cole proportions.
Then the cameras cut to Susan as she is now with perfectly coiffed hair, subtle make-up and elegant clothes.
The perfectly coiffed Mohawk-Mohican-afro that dances along to her haunting bass lines, proving that 'less is more' is truly lost on this woman; too much is never enough.
30pm With her neatly coiffed blonde hair, trim figure and Home Counties vowels June, above, has been delighting audiences for more than 60 years.
Preferring hair that's coiffed and clean, The grown-ups have to intervene.
Virginia Woolf, naughty witches, and pertly coiffed sociopaths.
Limited edition gift bag will be available packed with goodies including a Burton World Cup chart planner, Andy Gray's Guide to the World Cup, Wellman energy drinks and Brylcreem goodies to keep customers coiffed like their football heroes.
Tracy looks, talks, and sings a whole lot like Wynne Greenwood; Nikki, who strikes impromptu poses (often involving a peace sign), puts forward a slightly more glam attitude, as her wig's dark brown tresses are longer and more coiffed than Tracy's real hair of the same color; Cola wears a weird, puffy platinum wig, self-consciously monitors her voice so that it's always an octave lower than the other band members', and likes to wear recognizably "lesbian" gear, like down vests.