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tropical American feather palm whose large nuts yield valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory

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18[degrees]26'N, 88[degrees]48'W, Cohune palm forest and clearings, 14-17 July 1983, W.
The name was a reference to a nearby logging camp "Cohoon Ridge" (the cohune is a palm tree).
Leafy cohune palms blocked out the tropical sun, cooling the air around the thatched roof cabanas that made up Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co.
Look at that creek - full of cohune nut palm trees that will never live again, just wasted," said Juan Sam, 57.
We do not comment on rumors," says director of public relations James Cohune.
In the shadows of the cohune palms and the guanacaste trees, they dig up 40 to 50 pounds of cassava roots and pile them in baskets, which theyc arry on their heads back to the village, arriving just in time to avoid the sizzling heat of the mid-day tropics.
cohune from Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua.
As the title of Breaking Up Britain suggests, Perryman and his contributors have the requisite cohunes.