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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

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The 'experienced' assistants were composed of one COHO and three dental assistants, while the four 'inexperienced' assistants were all dental assistants.
Chinook salmon and salmon trout are harvested from October through April, and coho from November through March.
In the early 1980s, fisheries biologists became concerned about the fate of coho salmon stocks that inhabit the heavily logged coastal areas of Oregon and Washington.
Progressing upriver, they include the Estuary, High Banks, Bus Hole, the Meadow, Clay Hole, Spring Hole, Joss Hole, the Flats, Wall Hole, the Glide, Lower Black Hole, Black Hole, Coho Hole, Staircase Run, Long Bridge Hole, the Bend, Short Bridge Pool, Eye of the Needle, Ball Park, Clam Shed, 81 Hole, Trooper Hole, Corner Pool, Papermill, Clark's Falls, Hickory Hole, 2A Hole, Compactor Pool, Secret Hole, Glass House Hole and the Corner.
signed) Peter Cohos President and Chief Executive Officer
Korea imports primarily headed and gutted sockeye, cohos, chums and pinks.
On the negative side, even though inventories are down, an uncomfortably large supply of North American cohos remains in cold storage.
In addition to this, contestants released over 75% of the Kings and 80% of the Cohos brought to the boats.
Salmon flakes made from pinks and cohos are among the most popular breakfast flakes.
Louis, Missouri Cohos Evamy Partners Calgary, Alberta DGBK Architects Vancouver, British Columbia Everton, Oglesby, Askew Nashville, Tennessee Farmer Baker Barrios Inc.
The problem is that farmed salmon compete directly against chinook and cohos, most of the pinks are canned, and in that segment there's probably more farmed salmon than wild.
Cohos, or silver salmon, are fished with every gear type in every district but are primarily targeted by the Southeast troll fleet.
It hurt us on the fresh market, especially in the price for cohos.
Alaska sockeye accounted for less than 20% of Japanese salmon and trout imports last year, versus 47% in 1994, while the share for Chilean cohos increased from 9% to 23% during the same period.
The river's tributaries produce more adult cohos than the entire state of Oregon.