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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

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Between this 'experienced' operator (the COHO) and the 'inexperienced' operator (one of the Dutch dental students) with the best survival results of the restorations, the two-year survival rate of the restorations they placed showed statistical significant differences, in favour of the COHO (Kaplan-Meier, Chi-square 35.
SILVER SALMON, OR COHO (Onchorbyncbus kisutch), are a medium-size salmon, one of five Pacific species that have.
They can't see paying 1,000 yen a kilo for the Alaskan salmon when they can get Chilean coho for 900.
Atlantic salmon are normally a troutish pink color, the coho somewhat redder, but both would fade if fed a straight diet of plain fish meal.
Within the Pacific family of salmon, there are five species--chinook, coho, pink, chum, and sockeye.
Given current reduced population levels, salmon contribute far less than in the past--some historical records show that even relatively recently, coastal cohos were more abundant than they are today by a factor of 10.
The elements of the transceiver are a crystal synthesizer reference oscillator, a bias injection-locked STAMO, a pulsed IMPATT injection-locked oscillator chain (PILO), an RF Coho and an IF coherent local oscillator (IF Coho), shown in Figure 1.
Cohos begin by mid-September, with both species lasting through October.
The state hatchery that opened in Altmar in 1980 has abundantly produced the kings or Chinooks, cohos, steelhead and brown trout that have changed the magnitude of fishing in our region, attracting anglers from around the world.
Japanese buyers quickly cleaned out Alaskan inventories of troll cohos, with prices averaging up to $2 a pound FOB for the preferred 4-6 pound size.
Record high catches were logged in seven of the last 11 seasons, and last year contributed to the market glut with yet another record, a phenomenal 192 million pinks, reds, cohos, chums and kings.
Peter Cohos, President and Chief Executive Officer said, "We are pleased that our real estate services business continues to drive us forward and that cash flow per share is growing in a consistent and sustainable way.
We also hook cohos, steelhead, and big browns working lipless cranks around river mouths that time of year.
Encouraging signs for our industry include renewed interest by German smokehouses in troll-caught cohos and reports that Dutch and other European buyers have been scouting prospects for larger salmon purchases in the future.