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Synonyms for cohesion

the close physical union of two objects

Synonyms for cohesion

the state of cohering or sticking together

(botany) the process in some plants of parts growing together that are usually separate (such as petals)

(physics) the intermolecular force that holds together the molecules in a solid or liquid

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All central leaders of the party and its chief ministers have been working cohesively and unitedly for the cause of the party.
Al Mahrouqi said: "My first communication to Oman's tourism industry is to give priority to building business partnerships and working cohesively.
However, as our new research confirms, thousands of cramped houses - shameful shoe-box homes - are being churned out all over the country, depriving households of the space they need to live comfortably and cohesively.
These are quite complementary spaces, and Mike will be able to service clients more efficiently and more cohesively by directing both the rates and FX sales efforts,' said Barclays Capital spokesman Darrell Wright.
They bleep and squeak cohesively but there is not an awful lot there to differentiate them from a large cast of other groups doing a similar thing.
Form-based zoning promotes consistency in design to assist new construction in fitting with the existing fabric of the community, ensuring that development elements fit cohesively with those that came before it, preserving the historic character of the city of Dover," said Christopher Parker, director of Planning and Community Development.
This seldom happens in Bulgaria - having all organizations react swiftly and cohesively," Petkova explained.
everybody to act responsibly and cohesively to manage the challenge.
Crown came out into the second half determined to salvage something from the match and, despite being down to 10 men, began to play more cohesively.
Offer teamwork courses to students in both nursing and medical programs to introduce them early on to the vast benefits of working cohesively to provide the best patient care to achieve our national health care goal--improved health care for all.
He argues that this discrepancy is the result of the Kephalaia compilers' efforts to transform the basic mythological structure of Manichean cosmogony in order to shape what may have been obscure or ambiguous canonical material into a more cohesively structured whole.
This move to our new headquarters is the beginning of our journey to further consolidate our team and enable us to work more cohesively in order to address the challenges that arise on our way forward.
As The New York Times put it, "Los Angeles, loath to rally cohesively around a local cause, has joined hands around tortillas.
It's now crucial to find a first-class replacement - someone who can take our city region ambitions to the next level and work cohesively with other councils across Tees Valley.
He said that relationship building and working cohesively with partners is one of his most important objectives, and for many effective leaders, this is true.