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causing cohesion

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cohering or tending to cohere

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According to Cohesive, a hearing will be held in a couple of weeks to determine financial damages.
Following the meetings on Capitol Hill, the council approved the draft cohesive strategy and discussed the next phase leading to implementing the strategy.
alignment) must be integrated to create a cohesive framework that meets the organizational goals and objectives.
While highly cohesive silicone gel implants aren't the right fit for everyone, there are a number of women who benefit greatly from them," says board certified surgeon Joseph Raniere, Jr.
The new research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Boston College indicates that members of a cohesive group are judged to have less responsibility for their own individual actions.
The Building Cohesive Communities conference, due to be held next Wednesday, will see Ashram Housing Association sharing its ideas and approaches with housing professionals from across the country.
The improved bond strength of the SCB system is said to be achieved without the use of a prime coat, and when tested to ASTM, a cohesive failure can be expected.
This includes coalescing ongoing efforts throughout AT & L offices and engaging federal agencies to leverage, develop, and implement cohesive strategies for sourcing and acquisition that connect appropriately with federal-level initiatives.
The cohesive group that helped Dick, Steve didn't have the benefit of all those individuals,'' Lichtenstein said.
A single command for each building or entity results in a comprehensive, cohesive report packet with table of contents, reports, appendixes, and other required materials, printed in page order and collated.
NSLIJ is led by an experienced management team that has created a cohesive and responsive organization.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There is tremendous excitement about the new generation of Silicone breast implants known as Cohesive gel implants also nicknamed "Gummy Bear" implants.
The latter two elements make the dunes cohesive or sticky.
England, China, Korea and Australia, the company is said to offer customers cohesive, expertly orchestrated exposure testing throughout the world.
These distinctive systems could eventually become fully integrated into a cohesive network of systems--either through modification to become consistent with the BEA, through adaptation of the requirement within the BEA, or through a combination of the two.