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in a coherent manner


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He said that Pakistani society was coherently pluralist but hate was injected by vested interests of few that wanted people to strengthen their illegitimate rule.
The EyeQ5 will feature eight multi-threaded MIPS CPU cores coherently coupled with eighteen cores of Mobileyes Vision Processors (VPs).
He urged the Pakistani community to work coherently for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.
As for March 14, the minister concluded that while this bloc lacks a coherently unified will, its constituents tend to confront comrades within with a fait accompli.
Summary: Never in my adult life have I ever experienced in the Middle East and the Western world anything like the prevailing disjunction today between the ISIS threat that preoccupies all publics and governments, and the apparent inability of political systems to deal with it coherently.
I hope all parties will reaffirm their commitment to the Minsk Protocol, and will act coherently in order to implement it fully in all its parts," she added.
The method entails launching laser radiation into the atmosphere, then coherently detecting the signal back-scattered by aerosol particles.
A defene military release said that the training has now advanced to a joint tactical exercise, wherein, the battle drills of the two armies are coherently executed.
According to doctors, the man also has a problem with alcohol abuse; at the time of his admission to hospital, he was not communicating coherently.
A beam forming network coherently distributes the signals to individual elements during transmit mode and coherently combines the energy during receive mode.
Amy Winehouse has long battled alcohol and substance abuse and had to cancel her tour last month as she failed to sing coherently.
He will benefit from it and learn to speak coherently and cogently in English.
The benefit of having a strategic partner that manages all these services coherently is of huge value and the clarity in costs is vital as we plan our future expansion.
The Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self" is a guide for even non Buddhists to more coherently apply the principles of Buddhism to their life with their own simple tips to live a more enlightened life.