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Synonyms for incoherent

Synonyms for incoherent

without logical or meaningful connection

(physics) of waves having no stable definite or stable phase relation

unable to express yourself clearly or fluently

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Inverse source problem for three-dimensional partially coherent sources and fields," J.
Two centers of negative ion will act as coherent sources of outgoing waves and superposition of these two coherent detached waves will give the total photo-detached outgoing wave for the system in agreement with LCAO-MO method.
In order to reduce antenna array aperture loss and to resolve more coherent sources, in this paper we adopt forward-backward spatial smoothing technique, and its covariance data block is shown in Fig.
There are no grounds, on the basis of the argument in the first Critique, to think that the goals reason sets for one can be achieved; nor does Kant's theory provide a basis for defending his conception of reason against other plausible and coherent sources of warranted assertion, such as religion or culture.
Abstract: We use curvature correction and high-numerical-aperture imaging to demonstrate a soft-x-ray diffraction microscope with 70-90 nm resolution using two tabletop coherent sources.