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the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)

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Service for the availability of 10 places in cohabitation resources to support the treatment for people with addictions that are under treatment in the public network of the addiction institute of the municipal autonomous organization madrid salud.
When making the decision, the circuit court based it also on the fact that the appellants have not entered into a cohabitation agreement and this is why there is no valid registered form of cohabitation between them.
Former Mayor of Skopje, Trifun Kostovski elaborated that the cohabitation and interethnic cohesion in Macedonia should be the priority of every politician if we really aspire to join NATO and EU.
We thought that people would believe that after the cohabitation agreement, their support was not necessary, but we were happy to see that this was not the case," he said.
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi last year ordered officials to clamp down on cohabitation.
Chapter 6, "Societes de cohabitation and the Similarities between the English Lexifier Creoles of the Atlantic and the Pacific" (by Faraclas, Micah Corum, Rhoda Arrindell &Jean Ourdy Pierre), is an interesting, well-documented validation of the Atlantic to Pacific linguistic diffusion.
District Judge Clark Waddoups ruled that the cohabitation part of the law is unconstitutional.
The government of Cyprus is preparing a bill on cohabitation, Government Spokesman Christos Stylianides has said.
The research, which polled 1,500 people, was commissioned by law firm Slater & Gordon in response to an increase in people contacting them regarding cohabitation agreements to protect their assets should a relationship break down.
Madrid - Le Moussem de Tan Tan constitue un rendez-vous annuel important pour transmettre un message d'harmonie et de cohabitation entre les differentes tribus du Sahara marocain, ecrit la revue mensuelle espagnole "Atalayar entre dos orillas".
16 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that the remarriage rate in the US has declined by 40 percent over the past 20 years, as more and more couples are choosing cohabitation over marriage.
Cohabitation and delaying marriage and childbirth are common trends.
In general, these secondary pesticide exposures are too small to elicit overt clinical manifestations, but they may persist throughout the duration of the child's cohabitation with the agricultural worker (which may last many years).
conditions of cohabitation its reforms in the framework of Eastern Partnership initiative.
As if we needed more, researcher Brad Wilcox tells the New York Times, the data "suggests that cohabitation about doubles a child's risk of negative outcomes like poor school performance, psychological problems, and delinquency/drug use.