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share living quarters

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The coverage is extended to spouses and cohabitants, but once you reach others whose information might have been listed on a background information form or interview, the agency has a list of precautions you should take on your own.
Instead of discriminating the women in your households not because she is not resourceful but simply because she is a woman start treating her as your cohabitant.
Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) have been married for more than 30 years and their marriage has become festooned with all the familiar routines that transform lovers into cohabitants.
During the last de cade, an awareness has been increasing of the potential problems that selection for antimicrobially resistant bacteria among companion animals may cause on human health, due to the increasing utilization of the same antimicrobial substances in human medicine and to the close contact between pets and their human cohabitants (Guardabassi, Loeber, & Jacobson, 2004; Guardabassi, Schwarz, & Lloyd, 2004; Moyaert, de Graef, Haesebrouck, & Decostere, 2006; Schwarz, Kehrenberg, & Walsh, 2001).
Both the recent social-science research and the lack of legal protections for cohabitants should influence how states answer the cohabitation question.
Under a reform of Malta's rental system, which gave no protection to cohabitants or same-sex couples, Minister Borg expressed "cynicism and sarcasm" on homosexuality in the Maltese press.
Dead-heading is even more important in late season, especially as new blooms queue up to replace their deceased cohabitants.
Glow-in-the-dark bacteria living in nematode worms flip a genetic switch to change from peaceful cohabitants into killers.
In recent times, great strides in interface design have raised our expectations in terms of interacting with our computerised cohabitants.
With footage and photographs that chronicle stray dogs and the trauma that they're cruel homo sapien cohabitants put them through, I'd suggest you log on with caution.
They are despised, socially neglected, they are the rejected cohabitants of the Arab world.
Recommendations for reform were first made by the Law Commission in 2007, but none of its recommendations - which would enhance the rights and responsibilities of cohabitants after a break-up - were brought in by the previous administration.
Her services could, as a matter of law and fact, have a value, it said, noting that Arizona and California have recognized homemaking services as sufficient consideration for a property-sharing agreement between cohabitants.
Furthermore, there is no legal duty of support between cohabitants either during the relationship or when it ends.