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Today, up to 550,000 visitors travel up to Mount Pilatus onboard the cogwheel railway every a year to marvel at the exceptional scenery of Vierwaldstattersee.
A team of engineers at the London Science Museum managed to complete the construction of a cogwheel computer that had been designed, but never built, 170 years earlier by the Victorian scientist and mathematician, Charles Babbage (17911871).
As I have mentioned in the two previous parts, while the three elements are separate, they are interrelated and interconnected as represented by the three cogwheels on this page.
And although it may be catching up to its financial services counterparts in terms of technical components, the cogwheels of policy are not yet at Net speed.
In 1655 a paraphelgic watchmaker, Stephen after, applied his own craft, and made himself a chair propelled by metal cogwheels turned on cranks.
Something of that spirit endured: In the spring of 1980, Sandinista officials joyfully returned from Prague and Sofia clutching designs for the posters that would celebrate their first revolutionary May Day-heroic set-pieces of socialist realism, workers in dungarees bending their shoulders to giant cogwheels.
The float of "Kubot" float was a motley collection of junkyard items such as old bicycle tires, steel drums, spinning cogwheels and old signboards.
Until February 9, 2015 Walead Beshty: A Partial Disassembling of an Invention Without a Future: Helter-Skelter and Random Notes in Which the Pulleys and Cogwheels Are Lying Around at Random All Over the Workbench
After about half of a short second the cogwheels started spinning, and I got angry as I realised that the person had something against scorpions and snakes.
Echoes from the distant past were amplified by Nawar's artificial intelligent upgrades--so to speak--that consisted of light bulbs, plastic chips, satellite dishes, cogwheels, clock pieces and computer motherboards.
The Suffolk artist's proposed sculptures feature a figure grasping the cogwheels of industry and another cutting a swathe through metal with a paintbrush.
The new specimens, by contrast, while they also feature flat cogwheels with twinning notches all around their perimeters, are highly lustrous, resembling the best of the old Cornwall bournonites (but thinner).
While they are separate, they are interrelated and, in fact, interconnected as represented by the three cogwheels on this page.
All the best ideas have only one moving part; they don't have too many cogwheels whirring around.
The cogwheels of thought and debate were turning at the Brown Bag Luncheon, featuring table topics such as rent-a-captives and political risk coverage, and at the Friday solution sharing sessions and information exchange brunch, with conference overviews and wrap-ups.