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Note that the bottom cogwheel, leadership, drives the other two, innovation and management.
The cogwheels of all of these spheres," Kuyper argues, "engage each other, and precisely through that emerges the rich, multi-faceted, multiformity of human life.
Other references to the modern world reinforce this distinction: there is a steel elevator and no light, but instead "home-made noise-machines," "pig-iron" walls, a ceiling made of "a mass of wires," a "control board with masses of coarse wires," "a sound like hissing steam and another noise like great cogwheels grinding," and "doors of ovens" that reminded him of "American cash registers" (131-2).
This system featured a flat bar with symmetrical, horizontal teeth on the sides rather than the top of the rail to engage the cogwheels of the locomotive.
The elaborate set of cogwheels in the Court's post-Furman death-penalty machine causes it to move extremely slowly.
The company states there will also be a demonstration to show mould protection using the Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot as well as a demonstration of a 30-tonne Roboshot, integrated into a fully automatic manufacturing cell for micro moulding application will produce high - precision miniature parts (tiny cogwheels for watch movements).
Thompson was previously the Director of Education for The Cogwheels School, a private school in Los Angeles serving students with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.
JULIAN Assange, the mysterious editor of WikiLeaks is trapped in the cogwheels of the English legal system.
Researchers from the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh used state of the art x-ray scans to reveal the delicate cogwheels and Egyptian-style pillars to the maker's inscription.
A new factory theme has been introduced with frosty cogwheels and freezing pipes.
This is especially emphasized in The Godfather, when Michael shoots Solozzo and the police captain in the restaurant, and immediately after the deed he is put into a car and then on a plane to Sicily, just like a helpless package which got among the cogwheels of an unstoppable machine.
In another famous, and highly symbolic scene, the Tramp gets caught inside gigantic cogwheels, transformed into a mere piece of the machine.
Flat cogwheels of various shapes and sizes meshed with other shapes; a pin went through the centre to hold them down (also usable as a weapon by vicious older brothers), and you then stuck the end of a coloured pen through a hole in the edge and swirled it around.