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Synonyms for cog

a subordinate who performs an important but routine function

tooth on the rim of gear wheel

roll steel ingots

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join pieces of wood with cogs

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JP 5-0 figures III-4 and III-6 clearly show that friendly and enemy COGs are an output of "understanding the operational environment" and an input to "defining the problem.
Hiltz suggested the meeting after CoGS members appeared deadlocked on a resolution that it meet by teleconference shortly after the report is submitted by the commission and decide "how and when the report will be more widely circulated.
Accordingly, it tends to equate enemy COGs with key vulnerabilities.
Unlike more standard heart valves, which swing open or closed as blood pressure changes, the cogs interlock to reroute blood in response to changing hormone levels, say Craig E.
The Small Business Simplified Overall Method is for businesses with annual gross receipts of less than $5 million and allows the allocation of COGS and overhead based on gross receipts.
The standards for specific identification versus allocation of COGS are similar to those for gross receipts.
The above advice, which the IRS published in January 2009, addresses only the allocation of deferred compensation where that compensation was not treated as part of COGS.
Resolution Coo3 asked CoGS to prepare and present a motion in 2016 to change the church's Canon 21 on marriage "to allow the marriage of same-sex couples in the same way as opposite-sex couples.
In the proposed definition, intangibles such as moral strength or public opinion cannot be COGs because they have no capability for action and require a tangible agent to perform an action.
In fact, the relationship between price and COGS becomes especially clear when we look at the eight companies in our database with the highest three-year average COGS ratios.
Inclusion in the COGS practice guidelines is significant for both the utilization and accessibility of Propess and Anpo," said David Gao, Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Med-Pharm.
In fact, Bishop Larry Robertson of the diocese of Yukon voiced those concerns to CoGS at its meeting in Mississauga, Ont.
COGs are organized throughout Pennsylvania and their members include virtually every municipality and county government within the counties they are located.
Yet the lack of doctrinal guidance on developing and employing COGs wastes planners' time and provides few tangible benefits.