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capable of being known

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7) In other words, the pretension that would appear to be the basis of Kantian philosophy is a critical pretension, according to which the only cognoscible thing is that of which we have an immanent knowledge.
He states that entering into the Kantian system involves acknowledging Kant's distinction between a thing in itself that is uncognoscible and phenomena that are cognoscible.
The thing in itself would not be directly cognoscible, as would happen in a dogmatic metaphysics, but its causal effect on knowledge would be affirmable.
so then it cannot belong to the realm of objects that are cognisable to us; in this way according to the tenets of critical philosophy, it is not a cognoscible actuality [Wirklichkeit] with a content [reale], neither a cognoscible causality with a content.
Es asi que debemos entender la necesidad de una opcion epistemologica que plantee no solo la existencia concreta, evidente y por lo tanto cognoscible de lo real del pasado, sino que como dicen dos de los mas renovadores historiadores contemporaneos (Thompson y Hobsbawm) que podamos devolver a los hombres del pasado y especialmente a los pobres del pasado, el don de la teoria.