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an expert able to appreciate a field

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Yabu, 60, and Pushelberg, 59, who run the international design firm Yabu Pushelberg, are certainly familiar with the design cognoscenti.
When English football's cognoscenti drool about Kings Road swingers, and recall those halcyon days when Ossie, Alan Hudson and Charlie Cooke played with a swagger, Sexton was the alchemist who made it all happen.
Almost to a man and woman, the sport's cognoscenti believe the snarling American will scare little Agnieszka Radwanska out of her tiny mind, with some even predicting the most one-sided final since 1992, when Steffi Graf put upstart Monica Seles in her place for the loss of just three games.
3 Design cognoscenti are abuzz over indoor-outdoor pillows designed by Elaine Smith in her Lake Park, Fla.
And today our Chief Football Correspondent, Ian Doyle, has mined a little nugget that will be a subject of debate for the football cognoscenti on both sides of Stanley Park.
Caption: Architect Frank Gehry was feted by the cognoscenti of the architecture, design, and real estate worlds during a birthday celebration in the 76th floor penthouse of his new residential skyscraper at 8 Spruce Street.
Clever bit of kit, I was told, that is much in demand by the cognoscenti So I was surprised when John Langford sent me this picture of one.
The most striking impression one gets from all the chatter about Tehran is the boundless ignorance of too many of the would-be cognoscenti unspooling ready-made theories about
Belgian cognoscenti For the glitzy but laid-back eastern town is a mecca for the Belgian cognoscenti.
Those who read Greenspan, Gladwell, Woodward, and even the disparate Friedmans are long-time cognoscenti.
According to Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc, 'This award from iMotor readers is particularly special as it demonstrates that we have produced a car that already has a fan base amongst the cognoscenti, despite the car being a few months away from the sale date in the spring.
Brandt's critical essays on Canadian literature will appeal to the cognoscenti , whereas her essays based on personal experience will appeal to all readers.
Now, as the retail cognoscenti (look it up) that you are, you will realise that if we are to, well, control food price inflation and, erm, ensure fair play and, oh, stuff, then we need a tough man at the top.
Yavlinsky met with a group of cognoscenti from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the private U.
IT'S been key to The Bluetones' enduring success that their punchy pop appeals to both the NME cognoscenti and the Smash Hits creche - and the fifth album continues in the same vein.