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an expert able to appreciate a field

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To the cognoscente on Wall Street, ValuEngine is one of those rare gems in financial research that comes along only once in a very long while.
They date from a period when none but a handful of art-world cognoscente would've dreamed of paying $10,000 for a Pettibon drawing, let alone honoring him with the massive retrospective, organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, that opens today at downtown L.
1, a bar coding Companion Software package developed by Cognoscente Software International, Inc.
With its status as a provider of a Computer Associates Companion Product, Cognoscente has access to the Computer Associates worldwide micro products distribution and dealer channels, further supporting PDF417's expansion into mainstream markets," said Raymond R.
Cognoscente Software International, West Vancouver, British Columbia, develops and markets bar coding, shipping and trucking solutions worldwide.
Banyan Chief Executive Officer Michael Gelmon said, "While we're making great strides in our corporate business plan, we always have to be cognoscente of the fact that we are a publicly traded company with a large shareholder base and many hundreds of thousands of potential investors.
This is true political theatre, the equivalent of a Japanese Noh play in which the cognoscente know the outcome in advance but take pleasure from the dramatic structure and performance.
Travel cognoscente eager to discover the next hot destination might be interested to hear it's online and for sale.