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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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One of the directions, in which theory and practice of the enterprise's behaviour in competitive struggle is developing, is based on the instruments created by management science and/or adapted from other fields of science enabling not only to cognize regularities of competitive struggle, but also identify the factors ensuring success in this struggle.
In turn, in order to influence and manage the creation and modernization processes of the knowledge based society and knowledge economy single-mindedly, including the needs to implement the ideas and attitudes of the sustainable development, it is necessary to cognize the phenomena, typical for the creation, development and progress of the knowledge based society and knowledge economy, and to perceive the expression peculiarities of these phenomena.
This reflection is what gives us the "I-sense" of individuality (the ahamkara, or "I-sense"), as well as the ability to cognize the world around and within us.
any marked pleasure in the comprehensibility of nature and in the unity of its divisions into genera and species, by which all empirical concepts are possible, through which we cognize it according to its particular laws.
Howe Awards cognize those individuals who contribute their talents to Camping Magazine.
In order to implement the ethical ideal we must fix upon the whole of being and cognize it.
Faced with the prospect of its own dissolution or a vision of the world that exists without it, the ego refuses to cognize the information or the experience facing it, and this experience enters the unconscious uncognized.
Human beings cannot, however, cognize this hidden ground of the world: it remains cut off from us due to the inherent limitations of language, which concretize and separate (and therefore falsify) the flux of life (41ff.
In this way, I think this book can help to analyze how real epistemic agents actually cognize and deal with what sorts of difficulties people encounter by thinking in messy, less-than-ideal ways.
The presiding officers appointed for each Polling Station of the said Constituencies, to exercise the powers of a Magistrate of the First Class under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act V of 1898) on the 17th November, 2012, the day appointed for polling for bye-elections, in respect of the offences punishable under Section 80, Section 82A, Section 83, Section 84, Section 85, Section 86 and Section 87 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 and to take cognize of any such offence under any of the clauses of sub-section (1) of Section 190 of the said Code of Criminal Procedure and to try any such offence in a summary way in accordance with the provisions of the said Code, relating to summary trials.
It is in the nature of cognition to cognize, and the cognized is the operative form of consciousness.
He envisions that "an environment that we have made has moved beyond our ability to control and cognize it" ("The Artificial Infinite," 266)--something highlighted by the emergence of the sublime.
Imagination is central to human meaning and rationality for the simple reason that what we can experience and cognize as meaningful, and how we can reason about it, are both dependent upon structures of imagination that make our experience what it is.
To cognize from principles means to grasp the explanatory conditions or grounds of the targeted judgment, such that one sees how this judgment follows necessarily from those explanatory conditions--hence, the (conditional) necessity attributed to the judgment.
Without the latter or--to change course--without a "phenomenology of aesthetic experience" (Jarvis 2002, 5), it is difficult to make out (1) what exactly we experience--that is, what exactly we apprehend, feel, and cognize beyond the practice of tracking and exegesis summarized above, (2) how literature trains us to live well, and (3) thus how literature is extrinsically valuable.