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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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Of course, there's other ways to cognize as well, genuine nonmechanical knowledge of ourselves and our environments.
To explain how angels cognize God short of supernatural cognition, Scotus identifies two strong contenders: either the angel might possess an intelligible species distinctly representing the divine essence; or it might reflect upon its own essence as an imago Dei (although the latter, as we will see, only yields indistinct notitia).
According to the first one, practical reason cognizes and establishes moral norms (values, or ends), and according to the second one, it just cognizes moral norms (values, or ends).
Experimental results the STVH feature is useful to cognize human action in the KTH dataset.
One of the directions, in which theory and practice of the enterprise's behaviour in competitive struggle is developing, is based on the instruments created by management science and/or adapted from other fields of science enabling not only to cognize regularities of competitive struggle, but also identify the factors ensuring success in this struggle.
It is in the nature of cognition to cognize, and the cognized is the operative form of consciousness.
The masses, which takes guidance from the thoughts of the Leader Muammer Algathafi, realize the challenges facing the Arab world and facing the African Union, and realize the dangers of destabilizing world peace and security and the conspiracies of international discrimination that is led by the forces of aggression, realizing it with a high sense of responsibility and cognize these facts.
Akhmetkarimov to your notice since they are important contributions to cognize the social and political aspect in Former Soviet Union countries.
That's a heartening response, one that indicates that other states re- cognize the federal government's century-old obligation to timber counties in Oregon and elsewhere in the Northwest.
This reflection is what gives us the "I-sense" of individuality (the ahamkara, or "I-sense"), as well as the ability to cognize the world around and within us.
Concerning the last item, the school of Dignaga holds that perception makes us aware of a mind-independent particular, while in inference what we come to cognize is a conceptual construction.
any marked pleasure in the comprehensibility of nature and in the unity of its divisions into genera and species, by which all empirical concepts are possible, through which we cognize it according to its particular laws.
Howe Awards cognize those individuals who contribute their talents to Camping Magazine.
Faced with the prospect of its own dissolution or a vision of the world that exists without it, the ego refuses to cognize the information or the experience facing it, and this experience enters the unconscious uncognized.
Without a proper language to describe the unique synergism between artifact and human we would find it extremely difficult as observers to properly cognize and create thinking systems that incorporate artifacts and human agents.