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capable of being known

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Clause 78] 2) Section 9A is being amended to make an offence cognizable and nonbailable where the duty liability exceeds `50 lakh and punishable under clause (b) or clause (bbbb) of sub-section (1) of section 9.
The court held that the inmate had a cognizable property interest in being retained in the programs and had stated a claim that his procedural and substantive due process rights were violated.
A weird circular from the Supreme Court instructs that all civil cases cognizable by the Metropolitan Trial Court in Quezon City (MTC-QC) are to be thrown to the Metropolitan Trial Court in Manila (MTC-M) due to docket congestion in the MTC-QC.
The accused Rooman Zaheer have committed the offence of corruption and corrupt practices with the connivance of others which is cognizable under National Accountability Ordinance, 1999, said official release issued here.
It was also agreed in the meeting of the committee of the whole that criminal law be amended to replace cognizable and non-cognizable offense with distinction to between arrestable and non-arrestable.
The Gujarat High Court said a cognizable offence is made out in the FIR and adequate proof exists as three out of four accused persons were in prior custody of the police.
It suggests that ragging be made a cognizable offence, with severe punishment attracting provisions of criminal law.
Senators also demanded to include act of burning of women as cognizable offence.
The offences committed under subsection (1) shall be cognizable.
The MOA provides that "in case a prosecution office of the DOJ receives a complaint that is cognizable by the Sandiganbayan, it shall immediately endorse the same to the Ombudsman.
The panel, which has felt that school curriculum should include values to encourage children to respect all human beings, especially the women and the poor, has also urged the Centre to make ragging a cognizable offence under the criminal law.
Following the incident, Patil lodged a complaint at Kolsewadi police station and a non- cognizable offence was registered against Nikam under section 323 ( punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code.
The court also held that the prisoner's allegations regarding present injuries from environmental tobacco smoke stated a cognizable claim under the Eighth Amendment, and that the defendants were not entitled to qualified immunity from that claim.
ISLAMABAD -- Counsel for former president Pervez Musharraf has taken the plea that court should decide first if Ghazi Abdul Rashid murder case is cognizable or otherwise.
Any violation will be a cognizable offence, punishable with a maximum three years imprisonment or fine up to a maximum of Rs.
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