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They can be used inside cognitive systems for cognitive state sensing, to improve problem solving.
Changes in the cognitive state in hypobaric hypoxic condition in Pakistan.
Bearing the above hypothesis in mind, we observed Figure 5 that shows the blink frequency of all participants in relaxed (baseline) state and high cognitive state.
There's nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but if you want to wake up at a certain time you're not in a cognitive state of mind to make a decision about whether or not to add nine more minutes of sleep," he says.
Martin presents students, academics, researchers, and general-interest readers with a historical examination of the Roman cult of Mithras that focuses primarily on the cognitive state of its adherents throughout the ancient world.
The patients were not able to consent to the study due to their cognitive state, so their legal guardians or main caregivers gave consent.
Mini-Mental State" a practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician.
Cognitive state, activities of daily living and regional HWM scores in depressive and non-depressive patients by interrupting the connections between the frontal (BA9, 10, 11, 24) region and subcortical areas (14, 15).
Discuss the experience and reactions of giving and taking the assessment in your current cognitive state, and if you had some deficits.
They explore links between attention and force dynamics, and touch upon some interface issues with the cognitive state.
The cognitive state of the consumer interacts with the cognitive state of the producer.
Hanton & Connaughton (2002) found that although elite performers initially view cognitive state anxiety as debilitative, they use cognitive strategies to overcome negative thoughts and change them to positive ones.
Objective: To assess any change in the cognitive state in individuals working at high altitude.
Mini Mental State Examination is the practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for clinicians.
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