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a scientist who studies cognitive processes

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The team, which included Simon Fischer-Baum of Rice University and Michele Miozzo of Columbia University, both cognitive scientists, studied five stroke victims with aphasia, or difficulty communicating.
Alongside these personal memories are video recordings from cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky, who discusses the legacy of the Turing Machine.
With the current issue of WLT, as we launch our eighty-fifth year of continuous publication, that ban has been lifted completely, as science comes to the fore in the special section beginning on page 28, guest edited by poet and cognitive scientist Pireeni Sundaralingam.
Our goal was not only to develop a tool that could be used at home, but also to help folks stick with rehabilitation," said Alexandra Geyer, senior cognitive scientist at Aptima Inc.
Similarly, instead of quoting a single cognitive scientist about the deficiencies of project-based learning, Pondiscio should examine the National Research Council's 2005 volume on "How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom" or the excellent research synthesis on project-based learning in the 2006 Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences.
A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom.
IN 2002, the cognitive scientist Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University won the Nobel Prize in Economics for work done with his longtime collaborator Amos Tversky (who died in 1996).
MIT cognitive scientist Edward Gibson directed the new investigation.
The author started as a cognitive scientist, studying how the mind works.
Ken Oppel looked at "the myth of the ending," noted scholar Linda Hutcheon talked about her relatively recent discovery of the riches of children's literature and cognitive scientist Mark Turner discussed the riddle of how the human brain arrived at the capacity for conceptual integration and how children's literature is a window into this mystery.
Joshua McDermott, a cognitive scientist (scientist who studies the mind) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, observed tamarins' and marmosets' responses to music.
Cognitive scientist Alison Gopnik argues instead that young children are actually more conscious than adults.
Cognitive scientist Justin Barrett supplies, and Dennett borrows, the fancy phrase hyperactive agent detection device (HADD) for the tendency to read pious meanings into signals from our environment.
I AM NOT Annie Sullivan,'' declaims Rachel, the cognitive scientist trying to keep a borderline savage from the gallows.
In his 2003 book Natural-Born Cyborgs, the cognitive scientist Andy Clark argues that "what is special about human brains .
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