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De Mendoza Ibanez (2011) defines a cognitive operation as "any mental mechanism whose purpose is to contribute to the inferential processes that are necessary to derive a full semantic representation out of a linguistic expression" (2011: 104).
The constructions X Much Less Y, X Never Mind Y, X Let Alone Y and X To Say Nothing of Y respond to this type of cognitive operation.
This comment requires the provision of evidence about the psychological processes or cognitive operations when the test specifications determine the process to be evaluated.
In addition to the cases of conceptual interaction described earlier, there are other cognitive operations that may arise from the use of the expression 9/11.
But, as Fauconnier and Turner remind us, the analogues are themselves products of "the construction of new imaginative meaning," rather than being "objectively there" in the concepts of countries, national leaders, electorates, or labor unions; in other words, to perform this cognitive operation, the character has to "invent a scenario that draws from the two analogues but ends up containing more" (20, my emphasis).
This would indicate a more complex cognitive operation is taking place that would fall within the realm of a user-defined mental operation (Kieras, 1988).
semantic and pragmatic), the cognitive operations described in the four-space model of cognition play an active and decisive role in the building and maintenance of coherence at the representational level, and that their identification provides excellent analytical tools.
This section compares the increases in ability-related variance due to the frame presentation and due to the additional cognitive operation stimulated by the summation demand of the Cognitive-Operations Task.
Not all forms of memory retrieval are dependent on the engagement of constructive cognitive operations.
Observation cannot observe itself and that is the basic reason why an horizon of non knowledge will be co-produced by any cognitive operation -- it cannot be "reduced" in a Mertonian sense.
An equally fundamental significance of the Essay is that it is a very determined but basically flawed attempt to explain the whole of human cognition according to a model of the mind in which perceiving ideas is the fundamental cognitive operation.
Metaphor is not just a trope but an important, even an essential cognitive operation in the work of any science, psychology included.
enhance the neuronal activity in the caudate nucleus for a cognitive operation and in the putamen for a physical action," Pessiglione added.
In other words, comprehensio n refers generally to bottom-up processes of perception and identification and, to some degree, the high-order cognitive operation of causal reorganization of the fabula.
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