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something immaterial (as a circumstance or influence) that contributes to producing a result

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Another important result of the study reflects that self-concept and test anxiety are strongly associated with each other which shows consistency with a finding reported by Hembree (1988) who asserted that low performance of students is associated with cognitive factor of test anxiety which may get increase through self-comparison with peers on performance, apprehension of failure, decreased self-confidence, and defeating self-esteem (Deffenbacher, 1980; Hembree, 1988; Morris, Davis, and Hutchings, 1981).
Cognitive factors such as distorted perception of physical disability, worry about illness and expectation of appearance of more or more severe symptoms, helplessness and somatic attributions are also significant because they amplify physical and emotional symptoms, favor illness behavior and avoidance of activity, more disability and social impairment in a recurrent cycle (Wearden, Dunn, Dowrick, & Morriss, 2012).
With the stepwise regression, academic efficacy was entered in the second step as it was believed to be the strongest cognitive factor.
These two cognitive factors were chosen as criterion measures because of their factor analytic base that allows adequate construct specificity between Gf and Gc ability constructs (Flanagan, Genshaft, & Harrison, 1997).
Specifically, the cognitive factor was expected to show little to no change during exercise accompanied by a reduction following both low- and high-intensity work.
The very high factor loadings of the cognitively oriented skills onto the cognitive factor reflect the high correlations among these skills.
These results are not substantially different from the classification results using cognitive factor scores (panel C).
As noted with a tactile localization factor, the relationship of this construct to broad cognitive factors is equivocal.
However, the type of anxiety depends on mediators, which may often be a cognitive factor like IU.
The second factor included language abnormalities, thought process abnormalities, disturbances in short-term memory, long-term memory, and visuospatial ability; it was named as cognitive factor.
The correlation between the cognitive factor and the physical factor was .
Results showed that a cognitive factor (worry) contributes more in test anxiety than affective factors (emotional).
Throughout the entire academic process of matriculating through each grade level from the third grade and exiting high school, the overwhelming indicator of success is a cognitive factor of 70% on a standardized criterion referenced test of knowledge and intellectual skill (TAAS).
the cognitive factor may be more important for professional occupations while psychomotor functioning may be more important for unskilled occupations) and decide upon the priority for which job attributes should be evaluated in the job matching process.
Cognitive factors mediate the relation between age and flight path maintenance in general aviation.
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