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Accordingly, the Posttraumatic Cognitions Inventory is a promising instrument developed to assess negative beliefs that lead to exacerbation of distress experienced in the aftermath of trauma (10).
Watson's chief concern in this chapter is to call our attention to Ramakantha's use of the Buddhists' doctrines, that cognition rather than a subject of cognition explains the phenomena to which their opponents appeal in their arguments for the existence of a self that is a separate subject of cognition, and that cognition of objects is self-illuminating.
Add other cognitions into consideration to reduce dissonance: Consider other factors of the job offer--the job role, growth opportunities, working environment, colleagues or any other factors that would be significant to reduce dissonance.
First, in its simplest form, dissonance increases as the degree of discrepancy among cognitions increases.
The second area of emphasis is determinants or antecedents of health-related cognitions (beliefs, attitudes, values, modes of thinking, decision-making styles).
Sidman (1989, 1993) suggests that all cognition and behaviors are developed as a result of reinforcement.
The present article focuses on the notion of cognition as distributed, a notion which is largely incompatible with Socrates's interpretation that the answers the slave gave were "given out of his own head," an interpretation that eventually has come to dominate western philosophical and psychological thought.
Renaud and Byers (1999) conducted one of the few studies that assessed the extent to which individuals experienced specific sexual cognitions as both positive and negative.
Further, clients' cognitions and behaviors with respect to drawing upon appropriate existing social support networks (e.
The result is that sex researchers have subsumed many types of sexual cognitions under the term sexual fantasy (Leitenberg & Henning, 1995).
The main assumption underlying this research is that shared cognition is substantial for cognitive construction and reconstruction and that concept mapping is an effective tool for mediating computer-supported collaboration.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC) today announced that UK-based SCO reseller, Cognition Solutions plc, is the winner of the SCO Great Webtop Contest.
The notion that cognition and knowledge is to be seen as situationally bound has promoted forms of learning in which responsible engagement in socially relevant activities is seen as crucial for effective learning results.
In particular, the article focuses on the recent debate on location of cognition to provide a backdrop against which to introduce the distributed model of critical thinking.
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