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Individuals who reported accident-related traumatic experiences had higher scores of posttraumatic cognitions than normal controls with an exception of self-blame subscale.
Regulation of cognition includes subcomponents such as planning, evaluation, and monitoring.
The Cognition approach is geared towards one thing, helping clients make more money by de-risking their marketing decisions.
It behooves us as music educators to read about music cognition and this book will provide us with rich ideas in this new scientific arena.
Proceeding further, what makes this paper distinct and unique is that it puts forward a new analysis perspective of the organization and the environment, and also of the relations between them through the concepts of cognition and complexity.
The explanations of Aquinas' theory of cognition are accessible but nonetheless substantive, and the book is a welcome addition to literature that attends to the scholastic background to Descartes' philosophy.
4 g/kg of body weight every 2 weeks provided the best results in global functioning, cognition, and activities of daily living, Dr.
209-55) Watson translates and explains Ramakantha's attempt to show that the Buddhists' acceptance of self-illuminating cognition commits them to the existence of a self that is a permanent and unchanging consciousness that "shines forth" in all cognitions.
The construct of need for cognition was introduced by Cacioppo and Petty (1982) and refers to the extent to which people choose to engage in and enjoy effortful thought.
The first steps to incorporating cognition in treatment initially were funded through a grant by the New York State Office of Mental Health and were focused on implementing cognitive remediation.
Modify the belief in conflict with the cognition that causes dissonance: Dissonance can also occur if the cognition is inconsistent or in conflict with your belief.
Volume 2: Cognition, Perception, and Language (Deanna Kuhn and Robed S.
Two cognitions are said to be dissonant if one cognition follows from the opposite of another.
PLANNING OF THE APES For Call and Mulcahy, the most fitting metaphor for ape cognition isn't A Space Odyssey but an Estonian folktale.
Cognition And Suicide: Theory, Research, And Therapy compiled, organized, and edited by Thomas E.