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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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Examples of each progressively are the second moment (in the stream of continuity following from a specific instance) (1) of any of the five bare sensory perceptions; (2) of a bare extra-sensory mental perception cognising someone else's thoughts; (3) of the bare perception of an awareness of consciousness having continuity and (4) of a bare yogic perception of an Arya still training for perfection.
Interpolation and repudiation prevent you from cognising a middle path of the actuality of things.
Indeed it has always had this political dimension which, counterintuitive though it may seem at first glimpse, manifests itself even in very the attempt to aestheticise the whole issue of representation (as in some versions of postmodernism) or to deny its role altogether as a tertium quid between the external world and the cognising mind (as in contemporary neo-pragmatism).
is this phenomenon that one may even begin to wonder if the so-called "concrete" objects that the cognising mind apprehends are not, after all, the products of a steady process of naturalisation which is itself an ideologically mediated form of representation.
The language of the law is a blunt and ultimately combative way of cognising social interaction and conflict.