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capable of being known

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A cognisable offence means when a case is registered, a due investigation must be conducted before arresting the accused.
Sathasivam, clarified that no preliminary inquiry by a police official is permissible as a condition for registering FIR in cognisable offences.
325) Penal laws are unenforceable because crimes "are only cognisable and punishable in the country where they were committed.
r tonight I'm sure include going to the local bar of your family home and meeting h people you haven't seen p or liked) since primary (ohool and that guy who h oved to oston on a J1 t sch mo Bo 3 years ago nd never came ack will appear a vaguely cognisable lhouette in the orner.
That this is not legally cognisable damage, was held in Harriton.
In a civilised society, this unfairness would be a cognisable offence.
so then it cannot belong to the realm of objects that are cognisable to us; in this way according to the tenets of critical philosophy, it is not a cognoscible actuality [Wirklichkeit] with a content [reale], neither a cognoscible causality with a content.
Andrew Inglis Clark's first draft of the Constitution in 1891 provided, in cl 65 that "[t]he trial of all crimes cognisable by any Court established under the Authority of this Act shall be by jury".
Secondly: It is well known in the Sperm Whale Fishery, however ignorant the world ashore may be of it, that there have been several memorable historical instances where a particular whale in the ocean has been at distant times and places popularly cognisable.
The ITAA has given due importance to the seriousness of electronic crimes against children, by attributing punishment that makes the offence under section 67B cognisable and non-bailable (42).
The Government of Pakistan has enacted the Employment of Children Act of 1991 which has banned employment of children below the age of 14 years and their employment is now a cognisable offence under the Act punishable by imprisonment and fine) Such interventions can lead to reductions in the already limited choices available to the child.
When I read feminist legal theorist Margaret Thornton on the possibilities for extending sexual harassment legislation beyond the workplace, and her contention that `all working women are subjected to some degree of harassment by virtue of their sex', I wonder which of my interactions I would wish, or think it productive, to have rendered legally cognisable.
In Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, we see the reaction against the exuberance and irregularity of that prose ["of more varied, but certainly of wilder and more irregular power"], no longer justified by power, but cognisable rather as bad taste.
Events are cognisable and are ascribed meaning (Sharp 1991:173), and thus in human context may be described as 'a happening interpreted' (Sahlins 1985:153).
Under Section 298A of the Ranbir Penal Code ( RPC), killing or slaughtering a cow or like animal ( including ox and buffalo) intentionally is a cognisable, non- bailable offence punishable with 10 years imprisonment and fine.