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Synonyms for cognation

line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family

(anthropology) related by blood

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Due to the obvious onomotopoeia, this term is not good evidence for cognation.
The two exceptions are Boruea siahua and Kuna ogoba, both of which are so phonologically dissimilar to one another as to exclude the possibility of cognation and, thus, the possibility that a word for coconut with such reflexes pertained to Proto-Chibchan.
BikePark Walesa is part of the Cognation project that is investing in mountain biking throughout South Walesa to boost the country's ' tourism industry.
Surely, the evils of autocracy and nation-state aggression have not always appeared as self-evident as they do to us (or so we flatter ourselves); nor have those evils always linked up, in such intimate cognation, to such an array of "-isms.
An examination of the cooperative cognation between vocational agriculture instructors and county extension agents in planning and conducting the adult prospectus of instruction in Oklahoma (Unpublished master's thesis).
The fact is that a kind of "heat wrap" forms between the chair seat and the body, which leads to cognation of blood in the pelvic organs.
decisions about etymology and cognation, a procedure in line with
In Cognation and Social Organization in Southeast Asia, by Frans Husken and Jeremy Kemp, pp.