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a word is cognate with another if both derive from the same word in an ancestral language


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2], by contrast, words that had cognates in dialects of Aramaic used by Jews were indicated simply by "AR," though the specific dialects and cognate words were not listed.
AMID THE RICH and varied language used in the New Testament to describe the act of preaching, two of the most striking words are paraklesis and parakaleo, cognate words that share their root with one of the early names for the Holy Spirit: the Paraclete.
The same concept is seen in other cognate words such as 'straw' and 'street.
18) Cognate words are attested in Ethiopic and Modern South Arabian dialects.
For the collection and interpretation of the cognate words, I have relied heavily on the works of colleagues in the IEED project: Kloekhorst 2008 for Anatolian, Alexander Lubotsky's Indo-Iranian database, Robert Beekes forthcoming, for Greek, Derksen 2008 for Slavic, and Derksen forthcoming for Baltic (p.