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Cognitive and cogitative processes Cognitive and cogitative processes usually have an episodic character.
Consequently, any cognitive or cogitative manifestation presents a route of communication.
de (2009) "D'Averroes en Augustin, Intellect et cogitative selon Dietrich de Freiberg".
2009, Cogitative buildings: concepts, technologies, implementations, ITcon Special Issue Building Information Modeling Applications, Challenges and Future Directions 14: 692-704
As an adolescent refugee to Canada, developing a poor self-image at such a critical stage in the integration process may have serious implications for his later emotional and cogitative development.
Meehan studied at the Pontificium Institutum "Angelicum" and wrote The Cogitative Power according to St.
Hand in hand, the students were also able to venture cogitative responses about the skills associated with collaborating with their cofacilitators.
A cogitative study of the qualifications of a mujtahid is sufficient to give a sense of how these qualifications encompass the basic requirements for the judicial sciences.
While social media such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter offer "extraordinary possibilities" in such areas as education, he said, "there are also real downsides in a social, emotional and cogitative development way.
It is the sphere of production of meanings and ideas we find cogitative, normative foundations of this process.
I claim that this statement exemplifies the governing view within the field of "comparative law," which accordingly operates as a form of market-led, breathless technical/practical service rather than as cogitative scholarship, hence the disenchantment I expressed above.
The cogitative power, memory and imagination are internal modes of perception that allow the intellect to consider concrete, individual objects.
Across all age groups, stories are an easy and natural way to learn and to get students to use their critical cogitative expertise.
If primary care pediatric providers are interested in providing direct care to children with depression, they should seek additional training in specific modalities, such as cogitative behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychopharmacological treatments.