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Synonyms for cogitation

Synonyms for cogitation

a carefully considered thought about something

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attentive consideration and meditation

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Men and women of different ages and social levels gather in groups to practice the techniques in relaxing, breathing, cogitation.
There was deliberation, cogitation and digestion, and Bullseye on ITV when it all got too smug and self-satisfied to stomach.
But this was a choice based on more than a year of cogitation, not just the five-month horror show that was the start to the 2010-2011 season.
Such long strings of abstractions seem less like poetry and more like the rushed hurtle of abstract cogitation by someone consuming too much espresso.
The questions are read three times but at a frantic pace and with very little time for cogitation.
provide an introductory essay introducing the topic, including the core idea: "that nervous systems evolved for the adaptive control of action--not for abstract cogitation.
This has sparked much soul-searching among liberals and cogitation about how to reclaim the "moral" high ground for issues such as the injustice of war, unemployment and poverty.
Activity in Hamlet's terms is ruddy, resolute, while speech and cogitation are effeminate and wan.
Because they are not, one must explore the probable consequences of their cogitation.
Shales's review claimed that the show, a spinoff from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on the same network, "has enough imaginative cogitation and dark humor to make it more than just tolerable for adults as well"--as well, that is, as the teenagers it is intended for.
Briefly, according to Murdoch, Kant's categorical imperative plays an important, possibly founding, role in the existentialist half of our current existentialist-behaviorist predicament, which leaves us bereft of a vocabulary for analyzing moral cogitation.
He learned from one of the reviewers of his paper that interest in the tippe top could be traced back to the 19th century, with a major burst of topical cogitation in the early 1950s.
Nevertheless, I still felt that my team was under pressure to answer the questions too quickly and cogitation is one of the enjoyable areas of quizzes, and time should always be allowed for this.
He explores the options presented by the past and the dilemmas posed by information saturation in the present, the intrusions of political philosophy in the bedroom beyond those already there traditionally, and the cogitation it will take to resolve the questions and the questions posed by the questions.