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Synonyms for cogitation

Synonyms for cogitation

a carefully considered thought about something

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attentive consideration and meditation

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It was with an agitated, burning heart and brain that I hurried homewards, regardless of that scorching noonday sun - forgetful of everything but her I had just left - regretting nothing but her impenetrability, and my own precipitancy and want of tact - fearing nothing but her hateful resolution, and my inability to overcome it - hoping nothing - but halt, - I will not bore you with my conflicting hopes and fears - my serious cogitations and resolves.
It describes itself as "a network for older women", is perfectly respectable and encourages the living of life rather than cogitation.
Cogitation is thinking about the things of this world.
Saisir son authenticite afin d'adherer au Nous de la societe passe par s'abimer dans une profonde cogitation et reconnaitre son propre histoire.
In that, then, her usage of these terms is apt for categories of historically implanted, vulgarized identifications affecting the populace of ADPs and delimited in use to ethical professional cogitation only like herein.
He stood again for the seat of Prime Minister of India and his anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan cogitation and accosts made him even stronger amongst the Hindus this time.
It is important to note, however, that reflection is not simply Cartesian cogitation for Dewey (1916/1985); it is founded in social interaction:
After some cogitation, I organized the material into seven chapters, each more or less organized around a central theme, described in the next several pages.
Its novel idea develops the research cogitation for face recognition technology and opens up its new field.
Skepticism is periodically provoked, hut this fosters deeper cogitation and a desire to pursue further the complex aesthetic and epistemological issues arising from Allis's interdisciplinary approach.
In 1906, Simmel could not have foreseen the way in which the approaching war would test his assertions about the quality of friendship and the capacity for sacrifice, but the dynamic of secrecy he describes resonates in The Lord of the Rings, which represents a similar cogitation on interiority and society.
After all, plays present character through exterior trappings more than internal cogitation and, in their temporal boundedness (a few hours' traffic on the stage), they appear to resist posterity.
After much deliberation and cogitation by our panel of judges, the finalists of the Daily Post Achievement Wales Business Awards are:?
It called on deep cogitation and the almost bodily experience of distillation.
So after much cogitation I determined to return to college the next fall, take up journalism as a major and see where things led me.