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Despite cogitating (Loyd Grossman taught me that word on Masterchef several years ago - "we've deliberated, cogitated and digested.
Now in receipt of his own punt, Gates is huddling with Obama's "new" Pentagon team (mainly retreaded Clintonites) cogitating over the fate of the F-22.
But a few hours spent cogitating stuff like that could probably lead to permanent brain damage, in which I may well be in the earliest stages already.
Despite my initial success, it took me several years of cogitating on the significance of what had happened before I really understood real estate investing and what it could do for me.
While Descartes 'sunders the problem of "perception" utterly from that of "sense", setting the unconscious actions carried out in the mechanical world against the conscious acts performed by the cogitating "I",' his Italian and English contemporaries 'sought to conceive of the difference between perception and sense not as an opposition but as a threshold .
Why not mark the pictures while the players are cogitating on another round.
When people talk about Eugene, whether with flushed cheeks or rolling eyes, they are usually talking about south Eugene: tie-dyed activists, cogitating and dreaming but avoiding real work, swearing they drive only so people can read their bumpers.
Dear Julius" I've been cogitating, Long before expatiating, On the hopeless alterations, In our mutual relations; Having mounted in position, To a loftier condition, And because I cannot flattah I must say you are "non grata.
Finance can be thought of as the central nervous system of the global economy: It is feeling the pain of huge losses from weather extremes, with insured losses rising from $400 million a year in the 1980s to $83 billion in 2005 (Epstein and Mills 2005), and they are cogitating on their response.
Thinking is having or making a train of ideas pass through the mind; meditating; cogitating (OED, emphasis added).
Luca Venturella is also there, in the flesh at least--the rest of him might be off and away cogitating new ideas, designs, and concepts to keep coffee a vibrant product.
AFTER deliberating, cogitating and digesting the original Master Chef, who can deny it was a load of old cobblers?
This new legislation rattled its way around the corridors of power, through the House of Commons and the House of Lords and back again, probably several times, in and out of various government offices, with highly-paid civil servants cogitating about the wording, legalities etc.
As long as you look all enigmatic and insouciant and appear to be cogitating deeply and hatching some great master plan you'll be fine.
The former MP for Ceredigion and AM for mid and west Wales, Cynog Dafis, who was a candidate for party president, said last night: 'We have been cogitating on Plaid Cymru's strategy, its message and its mission in particular in relation to the 2007 Assembly elections.