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On which TV show did Loyd Grossman say "We've deliberated, cogitated and digested"?
Here's her latest diary entry: "The `wedding colour scheme' is something that has been deliberated, cogitated and digested since the moment the question was popped.
More than 3000 punters' nominations were duly received, sifted and cogitated upon over a delicate glass or two of sherry, supped in the comfort of some tightly-stuffed leather wing chairs, by the radical new establishment.
We deliberated, cogitated and digested thousands of nominations from Mirror readers, spent days poring over your votes and opinions, and pulled out hair at the blatant vote-rigging by V21 and B3ta.
So the FA should be on the phone by the start of next week once they've deliberated, cogitated and discussed.
While elected officials cogitated in Washington, tech prep supporters across the country rallied to defend the young programs they were working hard to build.
Oh no, the decision will have been carefully considered and cogitated plenty of time in advance of your hols before you took yourself off to your nearest bookstore and availed yourself of the various 3 for 2 or buy one get one free summer read offers that abound at this time of year.
For the next few days I cogitated long and hard, reasoning that rather than taking on another old car I should be having a clear-out.
Whey-faced and shaking, we retired to the pub, just for a change of scene, and cogitated how we could wangle the currency situation.
Names that aren't instantly recognisable to the casual observer hide biographies which are cogitated with nostalgic frenzy.