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To the majority's argument that cloning for biomedical research involves terminating a "nascent human being," Groopman replies that an early stage human embryo, a zygote, "is crucially different" from other types of "vulnerable human life" because lacking organs or a nervous system, it "cannot receive any form of stimulation related to the senses, cannot perceive or cogitate, and thus cannot be hurt or suffer.
We use language to dream, imagine, contemplate, cogitate, deliberate, create, innovate, and ponder.
Charlie's office overlooked the lively Columbia campus; Julius's viewed Alma Mater; and through my window on the inner courtyard I saw Rodin's "The Thinker," whose example insinuated that we should cogitate every moment.
But the emphasis at the moment is to concentrate on our own business rather than cogitate around rivals' programmes.
Cogitate on the following: if, on the day of your child's birth, you invested $1 a day in, say, a blue chip mutual fund that produced a 10% compound annual return, your child would have earned $1.
During the disorganized "notebook dump that reporters do," he'd cogitate and then provide "the bright light of inquiry that was going to make the story different or better or more sophisticated.
Perhaps we're just not safe en masse and so each needs his own head to reatreat to, needs a place to cogitate and grind the teeth in private.
However, it exists mostly as a non-issue rather than a topic to cogitate over.
Nonetheless I shouldn't have done it and feel as close to remorse as is possible for one of my trade journalists may safely interrogate, investigate, predicate, cogitate, debate, and even advocate, but they speculate knowing that the best prediction to come of such behavior is that they may end up looking very foolish.
Not infrequently, those who cogitate about research strategy have never done any research.
Inspired by the 1980s puzzle sensation Rubik's Cube[R], Cogitate features an intuitive interface with dozens of unique patterns to challenge a player's logic and speed.
Cogitate, Incorporated is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has been in business since 1966.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Noodles 9 Valid 10 Rakes 11 Carcase 12 Pen 13 Aperitif 16 Cogitate 17 All 19 Disease 21 Totem 22 Ankle 23 Tadpole DOWN: 1 Entraps 2 Look into 3 Ills 4 Overtime 5 Ulna 6 Udder 8 Secret agent 13 Agitates 14 Inaction 15 Plummet 18 Ideal 20 Sikh 21 Tidy QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Doublecross 8 Bun 9 Hog 11 Escaped 12 Shoal 13 Ate 14 Pro 15 Pioneer 17 Tap 19 Oats 21 Aged 23 Acts 25 Cola 27 Sum 29 Smarten 31 Dad 34 Men 36 Erupt 37 Pickaxe 38 Tee 39 Sir 40 At the latest DOWN: 1 Dust 2 Once 3 Baptise 4 Ending 5 Rosie 6 Shop 7 Soar 8 Beast 10 Gloss 16 Rot 18 Pal 20 Ass 22 Gas 24 Crew cut 25 Cadet 26 Propel 28 Miner 30 Match 32 Area 33 Duet 34 Mass 35 Exit
Instead of bashing off an email I would have to actually write a letter, with pen and ink, and post it and, cut off from my umbilical broadband connection, I would have to go onto the office and write this column rather than cogitate over it in the privacy of my own home (they can''t touch you for it) and send it by the press of a button.
In the meantime, here are a few thoughts upon which to cogitate.