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Synonyms for congener

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for congener

a minor chemical constituent that gives a wine or liquor its distinctive character

an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus)

a whole (a thing or person) of the same kind or category as another

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They contain fewer cogeners - toxins produced during fermentation.
Among the company's newest analytical capabilities are testing for trace levels of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) cogeners, which are used as fire retardants, with high-resolution GC/MS.
Cogeners are chemicals in drinks which are by-products of the manufacturing process.
Red wine, dark rum, sherry and brandy are high in cogeners.
The other is an impetus to togetherness: the desire of philosophers to find companions, to be able to interact with others who share their interest to the extent of providing them with conversation partners and with a readership of intellectual cogeners.