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Farmer Morebottle, who disappears outside the pub between domino games for a quick drag, will be in a spluttering rage at having to cough up an extra 11p for 20 coffin nails.
Thornton, completing an opening-day double after the victory of Captain Cee Bee in the Supreme Novices' Hurdle, added: "He's as hard as coffin nails.
Alan is as hard as coffin nails and Mark seems to be finding a bit of form so it won't be easy.
Back in the First World War, cigarettes were known as coffin nails.
Smokers, even if addicted, figure the pleasure derived from smoking today is more desirable than the beneficial future health effects of giving up the coffin nails.
At best, it seems extremely insensitive - like recycling coffin nails.
They found coffin nails, bits of wood, one worn granite gravestone and fragments of human bones.
You stroll outside with your coffin nails, loiter under a shelter and, within seconds, you're sharing jokes, tales and secrets with a complete stranger.
That is why they were known, even back in the Fifties before they put the messages on the packets, as coffin nails.
And for children, the Baby Ghost menu offers Mummified Sausage or Witches Fingers served with Coffin Nails and Shrunken Heads at pounds 2.