coffin nail

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Sheridan said: "I think there's a need for a series to put a coffin nail on the way you think about what the North became.
Obesity has morphed from an appearance problem into a coffin nail.
Now we know for certain that the need for fossil-fuel backup is going to be the coffin nail for this industry and that the promised saving of CO2 emission cannot be fulfilled, we should call a halt before further damage is done to landscape and potential for tourism further degraded.
Made at a time when Guy Ritchie was still a freshfaced young film-maker, it''s stylish, brilliantly written, and tough as a coffin nail.
Either way it's unlikely to stop Richards who would claim his coffin nail was part of props for the show.
At once, the imagination capable of a masterpiece establishes strategies: the tone becomes searchingly comic; paragraphs discard conventional brevity; sentences extend themselves, partly from virtuosity but also because the author realizes that each nuance of every sentence's moment must be saved before the coffin nail of the period.