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an elaborate oversize book suitable for displaying on a coffee table

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That aside, however, coffee-table books don't come much more richly flavour some than this gilt-edged, leatherbound tome by the Post's most discerning globetrotter (yes, he works for us, I work for us, and the book is published by us, but please don't use any of that as measure of the reviewer's objectivity).
In this coffee-table book about New York City during the mid-'70s and early '80s, roving cameraman Shabazz takes readers back to a time when Adidas ruled, hip-hop was new on the block and neighborhoods were alive with hope.
This is one coffee-table book that will not just sit, but inspire and provoke.
Tanzania, African Eden is one coffee-table book you should not be without.
The World's Best Digital Photographs coffee-table book and companion CD-ROM is a compilation of 120 specially selected images from Corel's Professional Photos(TM) product line, while the ArtShow 5 coffee-table book and companion CD-ROM showcases approximately 2,500 examples of the best artwork from the Fifth Annual CorelDRAW(TM) World Design Contest.
Shackleton is enjoying his posthumous renaissance thanks to the starkly breathtaking photography of Frank Hurley, whose footage has been used in several recent documentaries and filled a number of coffee-table books.
Coffee-table books like The Century (the American is understood) are selling fast, especially if they are long on photos.
From 1980 until 1987, Parks worked in the publishing business, producing high- profile coffee-table books for chambers of commerce in Philadelphia, Anchorage and Knoxville.
Coffee-table books, like celebrity hairstylist Serge Normant's new ``Femme Fatale'' (Viking Studio; $35) in which he makes over contemporary celebs into vintage movie sirens, are visually appealing.
Nowhere else will readers or collectors of coffee-table books find a distinctly black view of female relationships.
Then, poring over the pictures in magazines, albums, and coffee-table books, they would pay imaginary visits to the Louvre, to the Luxembourg Gardens.
Some are art books or coffee-table books, but much cheaper.
If you enjoy art, the large selection includes coffee-table books, like one showing the restoration of the Sistine Chapel for $45 ($75 original retail price).