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low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

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A rare Fontana Arte coffee table with a concave, blue mirrored-crystal top is the epitome of Continental sophistication.
The Leaning Desk is a larger version of DeWulf's popular Leaning Coffee Table, which was introduced last year and showcased concrete's strength and grace.
Off the back of an unexpected Brazilian book deal - which point I feel compelled to include for reasons of mitigation - I bought a coffee table that cost PS600.
Each contains a coffee table and two metre-long sofa.
Now he's designed an exclusive range for John Lewis, which includes this elegant coffee table in sturdy American walnut.
Some of these include: robopets that offer companionship and double up as fire, gas and flood alarms and as intruder detectors; coffee tables that dispense medicines and give computerised reminders and talking walking frames that remind people where they are going.
If you're tight for space, opt for a couple of large boxes as side tables instead of a coffee table.
The drugs arrived from the Middle East in coffee tables of Arabic design.
IF there's one piece of furniture that packs a deceptively mighty punch in your home, it's a coffee table.
The snapshot images speak for themselves in this captivating compilation highly recommended for bibliophile's coffee tables and photography shelves.
A highly recommended pick for not just coffee tables, but libraries serious about conservation efforts.
Glasstopped dining tables and coffee tables look stunning, allowing an unobstructed view of beautiful carpets and floors.
This book will likely end up on coffee tables in fly-fishing lodges from the Skeena River in British Columbia to the Henry's Fork in Idaho to New Zealand's South Island.
I believe families will put it on their coffee tables because it tells the history of African Americans in this century.