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low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

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A rare Fontana Arte coffee table with a concave, blue mirrored-crystal top is the epitome of Continental sophistication.
COFFEE TABLE Napoleon black glass coffee table, Frances Hunt, www.
A fabulous alternative would be the Whiteleaf-Trunk Coffee Table from the Little Tree furniture range.
With the new Romana's True Pilates channel, there's no need to settle for anything less than Pilates just as it was meant to be, by its very own creator," says Eran Ben Sabat, CEO of Coffee Table Media.
Additionally, DeWulf has expanded the application of his gravity joint in two new unique concrete tables: the Fibonacci Locking Coffee Table and the Fibonacci Locking Console Table.
Caption: Rottet Home's Bent Metal Coffee Table bolierco.
Painted steel threads in various diameters form the base of Orion coffee table.
IT'S the place where you stash your magazines and plonk down your skinny latte in between sips, so it''s always a good idea to make sure your coffee table is as stylish as it is functional.
IN last Saturday's Irish Mirror, Andrea McLean featured some candle holders, a decadent bird cage and a large glass vase all on top of a beautiful piece of furniture which looks like a coffee table with drawers.
Off the back of an unexpected Brazilian book deal - which point I feel compelled to include for reasons of mitigation - I bought a coffee table that cost PS600.
London, September 22 ( ANI ): Eva Longoria has given her fans a daring glimpse of her perfectly toned rear end in a new photoshoot for a coffee table book.
An excellent study of everything animal and plant alike, "Sanctuary" proves to be an excellent pick for anyone looking for a coffee table that clearly demonstrates Mississippi's natural beauty.
has expanded its services to include production of hard-bound coffee table books.
There are guest intros written for each of the featured photogs (our own Schmitty, Robb Collinson, Chris Atwood, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, and Justin Visser) but that's about the only writing you'll see, so it's good for a trip or two to the shitter and it can double as coffee table finery .
loveseat, $3435 [pillows not included]; sofa, $4575 [pillows not included]; lounge chair, $2290; coffee table $2560)